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Craving something different? Tired of stories you can't relate to? Sick of mainstream women's magazines that don't understand you?

Annoyed by all the 'business advice' articles which don't provide helpful and actionable tips? 

We know how you feel. That's why our Founder, Nineveh Madsen - a former TV Journalist with over a decade of experience quit the news business to create a platform and the change she wanted to see in media.

HER magazine is for the entrepreneurial and working woman. We tackle tough topics, and include interviews with powerhouse women you can learn from. 

We talk about the good, bad and ugly - we don't make success sound perfect because it's not.


“Great magazine! Finally a professionally written, researched and designed online mag! HER supercedes any mag in print or online! 

- Maryel


"HER is like a 401 K for my personal growth and professional development. There is something to take away from each story that I can then use in my life. 

- Becca 

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