The One Playbook your Career Needs: Lessons from a CEO

Moving your career forward can sometimes feel like riding a wooden roller coaster; it’s bumpy as hell, occasionally thrilling and seemingly impossible to tell whether you’re making the right move or your next biggest mistake. And quite often the advice stops there, where friends and coworkers help you paint what’s possible with broad strokes without any con- crete tips to really ensure your success.

That’s where Lisa Skeet Tatum comes in Co Founder and CEO of This is the optimistic strat-egist your career has been missing. And seeing as she raised $2 million dollars in VC funding to launch Landit, a lot of people have cosigned on her chops of success, to bring you to the next level. While Forbes is calling the site “The New LinkedIn for Women,” Landit really goes beyond creating a network for advancing your career — it holds your hand, elevates your thinking and coaches every decision you make along the way.

Our Staff Writer Breonna Rodriguez digs deep with the CEO to find out how she built her company from the ground up, and what lessons you can implement in your life and business. Read the rest of the story in October’s issue of HER Magazine – go HERE 

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