How would you sell yourself if you only had 30 seconds?  What would you say about your business idea to make sure it got noticed?  

In 30 seconds, you should be able to explain who you are, what you offer, and what sets your idea apart from others.  Investors hear new business ideas every day; you need to think about what makes your pitch so unique and worth their time.  

“The best pitches are those that summarize who you are and why we should invest in your idea in a succinct and catchy manner,” says Joseph Sprung, a venture capitalist, and creator of 30 SECOND PITCH, a free app available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.  

“We don’t need gimmicks or tricks - a clear and organized pitch is best,” says Sprung.

Sprung attributes his success as an entrepreneur to his instincts and intuition.  He says his initial impressions landed him some of his best deals. He created 30 SECOND PITCH as a platform to simplify the funding process and help innovators realize their business dreams.   

Don’t give up on your ideas. Entrepreneurs should present what they would like to see if they were investing themselves.  Believe in yourself and your idea and have confidence that with the right investor, you will succeed. Ask for feedback on your business project and apply this advice to help you reach your goals.

Learn from your mistakes. Don’t count a mistake as a failure, just get back up and try again. Even if things don’t work out this time, the experience will make you stronger for your next venture. Mentally prepare yourself for the ups and downs associated with starting a business and don’t lose faith.  

Trust the timing. Sprung came up with the concept for 30 SECOND PITCH years ago, but smartphones weren’t as popular back then as they are now.  “It was cumbersome to upload videos, and the process was too difficult for consumers. The context all changed with the launch of the iPhone. Suddenly a video camera was in everyone’s hand, and my idea became more relevant than ever,” Sprung says. Recognize when the timing is right, and seize the opportunity that best suits you.


30 Second Pitch allows entrepreneurs to connect with qualified angel investors to get capital, resources, and advice.  Entrepreneurs who want to get noticed can record a 30-second video about themselves, what size investment they need and why their idea is so unique.  

The pitches submitted remain private and confidential within the network.  The best pitches are invited to present to an investor group in person or via Skype.  Entrepreneurs receive feedback and may receive capital to help jump-start their business.  You can submit as many pitches as you like and if your pitch doesn’t get reviewed the first time, you can continue to try again.  

“Everyone on the investor team has been involved with financing start-ups from every industry including retail, tech, hospitality, manufacturing, and health and energy. With a collective worth of approximately half a billion dollars, they are all highly qualified and very experienced when it comes to venture capital services,” says Sprung.  

Don’t forget to practice your pitch.  Rehearse in front of a mirror before you hit submit.  Listen to the tone of your voice and pay attention to your body language.  Make sure your hand gestures aren’t distracting. If you added too many ums and ahs, you might want to hit that record button again.  

“From my own experience as an entrepreneur, I have learned that the simplest and easiest ideas to communicate are the best. This app gives everyone the chance to sell their idea and possibly change their life with just a 30-second time commitment,” says Sprung.  

What will you say in 30 seconds?   

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