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Women’s World Magazine

Mainstream business magazines are geared toward men, from the style to the content  even though female entrepreneurship is gaining momentum. For years, there was no mainstream magazine site for the women who are also making a name in their industries.

Until now.

HER Magazine, a Utah-based online world magazine, is a celebration of  the modern woman who balances power and strength with femininity – the woman who seeks to make her mark in the world. We represent the modern woman who carries this pursuit without fear.

Leadership. Entrepreneurship. Personal Development.

If you’re this woman, HER Magazine is a resource for essential, entertaining, and enlightening articles and thought pieces written with your interests in mind. With articles on leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, and more, we serve the perfect template for women who want to stay on track.

Many of our pieces feature fierce female entrepreneurs revealing how they did it. We dig deep, ask about their purpose, their drive, how they got there, what their challenges are, and how they persevered because we believe that ultimately, that what will empower you to create a legacy of your own.

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