Quad Webb-Lunceford of Married to Medicine Has a Recipe for Romance

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Viewers of Bravo’s popular Married to Medicine reality TV show know Quad Webb-Lunceford as a woman of many talents. And now she has partnered with Williams-Sonoma to inspire women nationwide to cook easy meals showcasing a few of her fabulous and easy recipes from her upcoming cookbook, Romance on the Table.

Romance on the Table is a cookbook, but Webb-Lunceford tells HER Magazine, “It’s not your standard cookbook – it doesn’t just have recipes and great illustrations,” she explains, “it also serves as a guide to dating, self-help, and of course, romance.”

In fact, Webb-Lunceford says that some of the book’s tips include knowing how to use plating, and how to incorporate colors and textures. For example, she explains the significance of various food textures: “Flaky, crunchy, creamy, smooth, gritty, lumpy, crumbly, liquid, soft, gooey, hot, cold, moist, and shredded are all textures – and the book shows you how to use them.”

Webb-Lunceford’s life is anything but boring, and as a chef, she says she can’t live with boring food. “I love the way food feels when you touch or eat it, and how it excites and delights the taste buds.”

So, what inspired her to write, Romance on the Table? Webb-Lunceford says she wanted to encourage readers to look at cooking as a romantic expression of love.

And, regardless of skill level, there’s something in the book for everyone. “Expert cooks will enjoy Romance on the Table because there are always new techniques and recipes to be learned.”

However, Webb-Lunceford says she wrote the book so beginners could also understand it. “I wanted to make them feel comfortable with the idea of cooking, and break down the stigma that the kitchen was this monstrous place of horror.”

She also wanted to dispel the myth that cooks have to be perfect. “I wanted them to feel at ease with making mistakes, so I wrote about some of the errors I made in my early years of cooking.”

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Many of Webb-Lunceford’s fans are familiar with her from not only “Married to Medicine,” but also for her “Cooking with Quad” segments, which she shares on social media.

“I have hundreds of thousands of social media fans who love the video postings, and they are one of the many reasons why I was encouraged to write a cookbook.” In fact, when Webb-Lunceford posts videos under the hashtags #ChefQuad and #CookingWithQuad, she says she receives millions of impressions. “It makes me so happy to know that my skills are appreciated by my fans,” Webb-Lunceford explains.

And now, she is partnering with Williams-Sonoma to conduct a live cooking demonstration. “This partnership is significant because it helps me to expand my brand into a different market, while introducing my current fan base to a staple in the cookware community.”

Webb-Lunceford will conduct the live cooking demonstration on Saturday, July 15, at Williams-Sonoma Lenox Square from 12 noon to 4pm. “I would like to invite everyone in the Atlanta area to come out and join me.”

So, what’s next for this busy entrepreneur? “I have another amazing project that I’m currently working on, with a few more fabulous women and one crafty gent, but I must be tight-lipped about it until the press release is issued to the masses,” Webb-Lunceford says. “Just know it will be inspiring, hilarious, live, and daily.” In the meantime, you can follow her progress on all social media outlets @absolutelyquad.

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