There’s no winning for Ivanka Trump. In fact – there may be no winning for women who either supported her father in Election 2016 or supported the GOP and voted along party lines. And there’s also no winning for the women who are joining his cabinet because let’s face it, they are all conservatives. And there’s no winning for conservative women today.

This is the new war on women. Before the left leaning women and men jump down my throat – hang tight. This is not about lifting up conservatives just to put down liberals. There is a place for both conservatives, liberals and everything in between.

There has to be a place for every voice. It’s critical for our democracy. The demonstrative and bolshie voice of just one side will set a danger precedent, and we are seeing the consequences of that today.

Ever since leaving the broadcast news industry in late 2014, and several years leading up to my departure – I dove deep into analysis about who I was becoming as a result of the narratives I sold to the public and in turn, sold to myself.

Most of the narratives were consumed by palpable fear. So palpable, the stories became imbedded into my subconscious – driving my thought process and impacting the way I viewed the world. And they impacted the way you viewed the world too.

It’s ultimately why I left the industry. I wanted to use my voice for good, instead of focusing my energy into broadcasting or telling stories that would almost always leave you worrying or fearful. With that said, real journalism – the seekers of truth – is essential for checks and balances. For those who continue to sacrifice their lives to be journalists, I commend you. It is not easy, and you deserve our respect.

The fake news narrative permeating the air waves and world wide web is dangerous. Who’s telling the truth anymore, we’ll wonder?

Remember this: a journalist is ONLY as good as his/her sources. And that is what we report.

But there’s no denying the bias that exists in news now. Flipping back and forth between news stations, reading through a variety of newspapers and credible news sites – it is evident to me. When it comes to politics, there is no in between. You’re either on one side of the fence or the other, and reporters – whether it’s through their facial expressions, commentating or personal social media platforms – are making it more painfully obvious than ever how bias they are.

Employ enough liberal news reporters, and that’s the type of content you will ultimately get.

Employ enough conservative news reporters, and that’s the type of content you will ultimately get. 

When you have too much of one voice – it will overpower the other, and it works both ways.

And who news organizations hire is all dependent on the gatekeepers. They are upper level management from general mangers, to news directors and senior vp’s. That’s where the change has to be begin.

But I’m not counting on it, and neither should you. The media now has a torrid love affair with the Trumps, and vise versa.

So you can count on an incessant amount of negative news coverage on anything or anyone related to Trump, including his daughter Ivanka.

Kristen Bellstrom – in charge of The Broadsheet at Fortune Magazine who e-mails a daily morning newsletter (p.s. if you’re not subscribed to it, do it – it’s a great newsletter and I mean that.) highlighting things happening to the most powerful women in the world  dished on why Ivanka Trump resigning from the Trump Organization and her fashion brand in order to comply with ethics laws and support her husband Jared Kishner’s new role with her father’s administration is a SACRIFICE – which she believes sends the wrong message to women in the workforce today.

Women, have been ‘behind every strong man’ for too long. It’s time for one to be in front of him, she stammers!

Can women ever win? Had Ivanka not resigned in order to comply with ethics laws – this narrative would have read something like this, “Ivanka = not ethical.” You get my point.

There is no winning for conservative women right now – which is why it’s more important than ever to have voices representing the so-called conservative woman.

Bellstrom represents an important voice too, but here’s what she’s not seeing. And what many left leaning women are not seeing. We don’t get ahead treating one ‘class’ of women differently than others. And I completely disagree that Trump – who is a fiercely accomplished woman in her own right’ is “standing” behind her husband. That woman stands ‘behind’ no one – not even her own father, quite frankly. I think it’s a sad day when we begin to question women who have clearly accomplished more than the ordinary, just because they are conservative.

Hold them accountable? Surely. But let’s do the same to the woman who millions of Americans idolize so much – Hillary Clinton.

Let’s hold all these powerful women accountable – whether they are republican or democrat. Can we agree on that?

If we are going to call out Ivanka Trump, let’s make sure we are calling out liberal women with the same intensity.

Ivanka has aligned herself with heavy hitters – female CEO’s representing different industries – from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert and Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell just to name a few.

It’s clear Ivanka is not going to stand on the sidelines, waiting in the wings only for her husband to ‘steal’ the spotlight. You’re right – Ivanka is making a major sacrifice. She’s sacrificing her long standing businesses to play a role in the highest office of the land.

And for that, we should thank her – not vilify her.

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