HER Magazine is an online resource designed to inspire, encourage, and elevate women in business and beyond. Our main audience is the working woman, whether she’s an entrepreneur, freelancer, or rising up the corporate ladder.

We’re a startup with a growing readership — and we want to hear from YOU.

HER covers a wide range of topics, from marketing tips for new business owners to the gender equality issues at CES. We are writing for the bold, unashamed, and unapologetic woman who is forging her own path, who’s daring to lead, who’s dethroning the archetype; we want to be her go-to source for culture, business resources, and thoughtful insights into policy.

We want to be her support, her resource, and her battle cry.

While we love a good fashion show or makeup tutorial, you won’t find any of that on our website. Why? There are plenty of other women’s magazines where you can find that stuff ten times over, and we’ve resolved to be different. We’re not a beauty or fashion mag, and while we fully support any woman in her pursuit of either, that’s simply not why we’re here.

We are here to help our readers towards one goal: Success, whatever that means for you. Check out our founder’s Six Tips For PR Success, or our piece on How to Raise Money For Your Business. We write primers for things like using keywords on your business website, and cover how policy will affect business owners — especially for women. We’ve also been known to cover pop culture, but everything, always, is viewed through the lens of our readers: Women who are making waves in their careers and in society.

If that sounds like your jam, we’d love to hear from you. We’re steadily growing, and we’re looking for some dependable freelance writers to contribute to our website on a monthly basis. While we have a few writers on staff, currently these freelance positions are unpaid — unfortunately, we’re operating on an extremely low budget, but hoping to change that as we grow. In the meantime, we have committed to supporting our writers in any way we can.

Do you have a business or blog you’d like to promote? We want to promote it. Are you building your platform on social media? We want to help you build.

Your author profile will appear at the end of every article you contribute, with direct links to your website and social media handles — plus, we are always eager to tag our readers online. Yes, we’re a startup, but we do have over 50,000 Facebook fans and thousands of Instagram followers, and we’d love to direct them your way.

If you’re a business owner with any kind of expertise, your contributions to HER will serve as excellent marketing for your services or product. Or, if you’re a newer writer who’s passionate about our subject matter, this could serve as a great way to grow your skills and add some bylines to your portfolio.


If you’re excited about what you’re reading, send an email to our editorial manager at heather@hermag.co.

  • In the subject line, please write “Freelance Submission,” and within the body of the email, include three pitches: ideas that, if given the chance, you would love to write about for HER. These pitches need only be 2-3 sentences each, and remember: The more specific, the better.
  • Please also include links to your previous work, if you have any (if not, no worries! We welcome new writers). Any subject matter, even a personal blog, works fine for this — just make sure it’s truly an example of your best writing.

Please note, any submissions that do not follow these guidelines — including the subject line — will be deleted unread.

This is a remote, freelance position, and we are happy to accept applications from anywhere in the world. What we’re looking for are passionate writers and business owners who love what they do and are eager to grow with us in a long-term, consistent relationship.

We are here to #UnmakeTradition, to elevate women, to make a difference and provide incredible, relatable resources. If that sounds like a journey you’d like to join, then we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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