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As entrepreneurs, we are our business’s’ most valuable assets. My business can’t grow without me, so why do I so often neglect myself? We entrepreneurs skip workouts for client calls and choose fast food while reading emails instead of preparing a healthy lunch.  

Finding the time for our own self-care can feel impossible, so let’s make it a little easier on ourselves with these 10 healthy apps.

Sweat with Kayla

I discovered Sweat with Kayla about six months ago and immediately invested in it. Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, and this app makes it feel as though you are one of her clients. It provides you with a weekly workout plan, personalized strength workouts, and meal plans.

We entrepreneurs don’t have a ton of time to spend hours at the gym, but these 28-minute workouts are effective and energizing. The app costs $19 per month, which I never thought I’d be willing to pay for any app. This one is worth it though!


You may be surprised to see a financial tracking app on our list of healthy apps, but it is imperative for a healthy mind and body. Even if you’re a green smoothie-drinking, marathon-running yogi, having a negative balance in your checking account weighs heavily on your health. Overall health means wellness in every area of our lives, because they’re all connected.

As an entrepreneur, money is probably always on your mind. Keep track of everything Mint. I love being able to check our budget and see upcoming bills. It takes the stress out of planning.

My Fitness Pal

As a freelance writer, I try to make all aspects of my work as easy as possible for my clients. I make sure to turn in clean copy early and handle any edits right away. My Fitness Pal does the same for your health. It is a one-stop shop for all things wellness.

My Fitness Pal is a food tracker that makes it easy to keep and food diary and see what you’re putting into your body. Studies have proven how effective food diaries can be, so having this option right on your phone takes away all of the barriers. As a business owner, you’re probably looking at your phone throughout the day anyways, so quickly login and update your tracker.

Yoga Studio

Wouldn’t you love to start your day with a sunrise yoga class led by a world-renowned teacher? Me too, but getting to the yoga studio is easier said than done. Going to an in-person class is always the best, but for days when you have back-to-back client calls, try the Yoga Studio app.

This app comes with 65 yoga classes, as well as the ability to create your own custom class. You can even enter your practice level, so you’ll always get the right class for you.

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Meditation is literally life-changing. I am fully convinced that there is no problem or ailment that it cannot improve. However, so many of us write it off as just another thing to check off our to-do lists and don’t make time for it.

The thought of starting a meditation practice can be overwhelming, especially when your mind is flooded with random thoughts the second you close your eyes. That is why Headspace is perfect for entrepreneurs. It is an easy, approachable way to start meditating. It’s free and makes daily meditation possible for anyone willing to try.

Sleep Bug

Hey lady boss, you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, right? Sorry, I can’t hear you over all the laughter.

Most of us don’t sleep enough. Add in a business that solely depends on you, and eight hours of sleep can seem like a unicorn. Sure it’s a lovely idea, but just not realistic. However, when we’re sleep-deprived, we’re nowhere near as creative and productive as we could be. The Sleep Bug app could help. It offers a huge variety of white noise sounds to help you tune out the world and focus on rest.


As entrepreneurs, we know the power of small, specific goals. It’s great to want to buy a beach house someday, but that goal will never happen if you don’t first break it down into hundreds of smaller, attainable goals.

I like to think of WaterMinder as one of those little goals. This app helps you track your water intake, and although that doesn’t sound all that exciting, drinking enough water affects all aspects of your life. When we’re dehydrated, we feel sluggish and foggy. Try it for a day, and see how you feel.

Map My Run

Most days I wake up excited to work on my business. I love having the chance to be creative and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. However, there are also those days when I wake up and feel run down by the voices in my head. Those voices that say I’m behind, I’ll never be as good as that amazing leader I follow, and it’s all been done before.

When that mental chatter starts to get too loud, the best thing I can do is go for a run. Moving our bodies is the perfect way to quiet a racing mind, and a long run can clear your thoughts and help you focus. May My Run makes it easy to lace up your shoes and just go.

Tone It Up

Most of us know what to do for our health. I know I should be getting up early to workout and pass on those delicious sugar cookies at the local bakery. However, that doesn’t always happen. So if we already know what to do, what is holding us back?

For many of us, we feel a lack of motivation, especially when we are devoting so much time and energy to our businesses. That is why I love the Tone It Up app so much. These ladies are funny, carefree, and always positive. They provide the perfect break from a busy day, and the app is full of complete workout routines, as well as healthy recipes and inspirational videos.

Charity Miles

Now I’ve saved the best for last. Charity Miles is an app that combines the convenience of a fitness tracker with the warm fuzzies of volunteering. Every time you walk, run, or bike, the app will track your distance, and sponsors donate to charities based on your distance. The app has already raised $2.5 million for charity and is still going strong.

The best part is that you can choose which charity your donations will support. There are plenty of charities close to every female entrepreneur’s heart like Girls on the Run, Every Mother Counts, Girl Up, and She’s the First.

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