When it comes to running a successful and fun business, making meaningful connections with your customers and followers is a must. Not only do these real connections lead to sales, but they also keep your work fulfilling. One of the most powerful ways we as business owners can connect with our audience is through live video.

Live video is a unique opportunity to show your followers the behind-the-scenes of your business, your personality, and why you launched your business in the first place. Using live video to tell your brand’s story is powerful, so even if the thought of hitting that “go live” button gives you butterflies, this is your chance to give it a try. But, like any important venture, before you do so make sure you’ve got a plan in place. There’s a method to this madness, and a few important things to keep in mind. 

Know Who You’re Talking To

Before going live (or even launching a business), it’s essential to have a clear picture of who you’re serving. It is impossible to connect with everyone, so drill down to exactly who your ideal client is. This will keep your content authentic and engaging. When I go live, I imagine that I am speaking to one specific person. She is my ideal client, and everything I create is with her in mind. You could also imagine talking to one of your best friends. Forget the numbers; connect with one person.

Commit To A Schedule

You’re never going to get into better shape by going for one run and then never lacing up your sneakers again. Live video is powerful when you do it consistently. It also gets a lot easier with time. Commit to a schedule, perhaps every Wednesday, when your followers can count on you to go live. You will improve each week, and your customers will begin to look forward to the videos!

Write An Outline…

If you are new to live video, or even if you’re not, there is no shame in writing out some notes before going live. Come up with your title and write an outline of what you want to cover. This will make it much easier to jump in, because you’ll have that safety net sitting right there. However, you could spend an hour tweaking the outline, so don’t let yourself use it as an excuse. Jot down a few thoughts and then? Just do it.

…But Don’t Read It

A few notes are helpful for shooting a video, but don’t let yourself become too reliant on them. It’s okay to go off the cuff and share what’s on your heart. Just take a deep breath before going live and know that you can do this. I like to say a quick prayer asking for guidance; maybe meditation works for you. Do what works. Once I let go of my rigid outline and just share what comes up for me, I see the most engagement from my community.

Share Away!

Live video is an incredible way to interact with customers in real time, but you can keep using those videos long after you’re finished shooting. Share the video across your social media channels. Download the video to your computer and share it on your blog or newsletter. You could even group some of them together to create a free mini course. You’ve already done the hardest part of getting over your fear and shooting the video, so now let it work for you!

This story originally ran in our SPRING ISSUE! Click here to check it out! 

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