How you deal with temporary setbacks defines your character. Mentally strong people do not shy away from setbacks.

Here’s how they deal with the hiccups in their life – and what you can learn from them.

They stay informed

They learn – a lot. They understand the importance of knowledge and how improving their skills can help them become better prepared for future success. When you surround yourself with people who are knowledgeable, you’re able to better deal with the misfortunes in your life and business.

They anticipate setbacks

Did you really expect for life to always go so smoothly? Mentally strong people are always prepared for setbacks. They expect it and don’t allow setbacks to get in the way of their ambition. If you can anticipate setbacks, you an embrace challenges with a new perspective because you’re prepared.

They manage their options

They ask themselves “Now what?” They evaluate their choices and make sound decisions that propel them forward.

They deal with the moment

You have to be realistic about a situation when you face a setback. Mentally strong people know they have to focus on the present and use this as a pedestal to attain the future they desire. So forget the big long term goals for a second and focus on the moment you’re dealing with.

They learn from the good, bad and ugly 

What caused your setback? You may want to take pen and paper to it.

Were you surrounded by the wrong people?

Did you have a wrong strategy in place for your business?

There’s always something to learn from the good, bad and especially the ugly in life. Rather than getting emotional about it, mentally strong people stay motivated by being objective. They gather information and quickly bounce back.

They set a time limit to deal with how they feel

When you go through a rough patch, how long do you stay in your negative space? Do you tend to dwell? While you should give yourself time to process how you feel, set a time limit. A time limit allows you what’s needed to fully absorb the reality of what just happened, but also helps you move on.  Because eventually, you have to move on. How quickly you get past something is up to you.

They keep their emotions in check

There’s no point panicking or beating yourself up in anxiety when you face a snafu. Tough people know how to control their emotions. Don’t fret the small stuff.

They don’t give up

It can be tough holding on to the rope, but rather than throwing in the towel – find new ways to approach a bad situation. Power through by being decisive about what you set out to do in the first place.

They stay positive

Not enough people give themselves credit. Mentally tough people? They have no qualms about patting themselves on the back for taking action. They engage in a ton of positive self-talk.

Try it sometime. You may be surprised by how fabulous you feel…

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