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Gabrielle Jordan has big dreams, big plans, and at the age of 17, she has already accomplished more than many people who are decades her senior. Jordan has a luxury jewelry line, a bestselling book, a podcast, and a youth mentoring institute. Jordan’s also a motivational speaker. We wanted to know more about this incredibly successful young woman and her remarkable story.


Jordan actually started her jewelry line when she was 9 years old… well, she was only 7 years old when she first started learning how to design and create jewelry.  One day, Jordan’s parents told her that their family included 5 generations of entrepreneurs. “That was encouragement enough for me to be a part of that legacy and become the 6th generation entrepreneur.”

In 2009, when Jordan was 9 years old, she starting marketing and selling her jewelry, and in 2010, Jewelz of Jordan was officially launched. While she started out selling items to friends and family members, the company has now grown to include a website and various boutiques, in addition to fashion shows and other types of live events.

So, what makes her jewelry line so unique? “Jewelz of Jordan is known for its bright natural stone colors, creating modern, classic and elegant designs that give women the confidence to express their individual femininity from the boardroom to the ballroom,” Jordan explains. “Our new jewelry line incorporates hand twisted metal elements that frame each stone, crystal, and pearl in the piece.” Another feature that sets her line apart: instead of an assembly line of cookie-cutter items, the jewelry pieces are limited- and-special-edition designs.


Jordan’s book was inspired by a book writing competition at school. “I chose to write about entrepreneurship since it was a topic that I knew well, and I wanted to encourage other kids to start a business,” she says. “I didn’t win the competition but I felt there was a future for this book, so, I fixed it up, added more chapters and created the interactive portions.”

Jordan’s mom helped her to self-publish the book, “The Making of a Young Entrepreneur: A Kid’s Guide to Developing the Mindset for Success,” which is now a bestseller. “It amazes me how the book does exactly what I hoped it would do when I wrote it:  help other kids, and even adults, start businesses.”


Besides her book, Jordan provides inspiration and information through her UV Effect Podcast. “I’m joined by other industry leaders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share motivational advice, insightful tips and inspiring stories that will help my audience embrace their personal and professional Unique Value (hence the UV title) and discover the effects that it can have on their life and the lives of others.”

This is the second season of the podcast, and Jordan says, “It’s a platform I want to use to speak into the lives of people on a more personal level and help them understand how important it is for them to develop their gifts in order to make a positive impact in the world.”


Another way Jordan interacts on a more personal level is as the co-founder of ExCEL (Excellence Created through Entrepreneurship and Leadership) Youth Mentoring Institute™, where young leaders are empowered to excel. “Through the support of a global online community, youth 8 to 18 years old are being equipped with the tools needed for personal, leadership, and entrepreneurial development.”


Jordan has been a TEDx speaker, and has also spoken at Google, Columbia University, and Syracuse University. In addition, she has spoken to organizations in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Her advice for young entrepreneurs? “Don’t wait to start – even if you don’t feel that you are ready to start creating something right away, you can start learning,” Jordan says. She recommends Google and YouTube as great learning tools.

However, she warns against trying to mimic or imitate other people. “Learn from them and add your own personal twist that makes whatever you do, uniquely you.”

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