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The gig economy’s rapid growth has given women the opportunity to redefine what success means for us while providing the flexibility and balance we want.

I don’t have a fancy benefits package. I’m not part of any union. I’m on my own, running my own businesses.

I am a gig worker.

I love it.

I am a freelance writer and musicians’ contractor. I began these gig careers by writing articles for websites and newspapers, while working full time in software development.

Eventually, the day came where I left the safety and security of the regular paycheck and benefits to become my own boss as a writer. From there, I caught the gig economy bug and started a second business, working with my mom, a professional violinist, to hire musicians for concerts, recordings, and shows. I’m on the hunt for some more opportunities in different industries because why not do more? It’s so flexible!

The gig economy is exciting to me.

It’s not a new thing; it is a new trend. A lot of industries depended on gigs long before the trend began. Artists, designers, editors, writers, tradespeople, musicians, bloggers, podcaster, and YouTubers are all part of the gig economy.

Why, then, has the term become such a big thing lately?

Because it now pervades every industry and has disrupted many of them, thanks to digital innovations; and because of the rise of the mobile workforce.

Uber and Lyft are big, obvious examples of gig economy digital disruptors. They’ve rocked the transportation industry and caused legislative shake ups in addition to economic impacts. The disruption couldn’t have happened without the explosive growth of the mobile workforce, though. Your job no longer equates to your location. We expect and demand more flexibility with our work schedules than ever before. From Forbes to HuffPost to CNN, you can find articles about how today’s workforce demands the flexibility of working remotely. As the gig economy grows, it will also influence this trend, making it more and more expected and part of the culture in all industries.

How can you make the gig economy work for you? We share the top ten tips to consider, in our October issue which you can access for FREE by clicking the image below. 

redefining success with the gig economy her mag

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