For Kathrin Zenkina, success is inevitable. It’s part of her affirmation, where she believes “I am always on the right path.”

Dreaming of that new job? New car or more money? Say it enough, and according to Zenkina, it will come true.

“In the last two years, I’ve manifested the following: my soul mate, a 7-figure business, my dream car, being able to travel to any city or country in the world whenever I want, and other endless opportunities,” she says. “Magic happens when you open yourself to the power of your mind.”

“Magic happens when you open yourself to the power of your mind.”

The Master Mindset Coach, author, and founder of has a thriving business of courses and coaching programs. She is a firm believer in transparency and honesty and, as of this posting, has published her monthly revenue reports on her website through April 2018. Earlier this year, she hosted a Manifestation luxury retreat in Bali for women looking for their life purpose.

As a mindset coach and success strategist, she works for women who know they were always meant for more.

“I’ve had 490 students enroll in the very first round of Manifestation Babe Academy. I’ve also helped over 500 women transform their money mindsets via my signature money mindset mastery program, Rich Babe Academy,” she says.

Known for sharing her manifestation secrets and principles with her nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram, Zenkina believes anyone can and should achieve their highest potential. While you can see she’s manifested her dream life, it didn’t start so picture perfect.


In 2016, she hit what she calls her lowest point. She was $25,000 in debt and living on her grandma’s couch, because she couldn’t afford rent in Los Angeles. At the time, Zenkina was trying to launch an online business — but wasn’t getting anywhere.

“I had always been obsessed with the human mind and its role in creating our realities since the film “The Secret” first premiered. Even though I knew how to change my life on an intellectual level, I didn’t actually apply the information. I would preach mindset, but I wasn’t walking my walk. I was afraid of taking risks at this time in my life,” she tells HER Magazine.

She started to believe she could actually achieve her wildest dreams.

So how did she get out of her funk? She manifested her way out — and started to believe she could actually achieve her wildest dreams. Now she travels around the world while continuing to invest in herself and her business.

That’s why she started Manifestation Babe — so she could prove to herself that manifestation works. She began sharing tips on how to manifest on Instagram and two years later, turned that idea into a 7-figure personal development company.

“When people ask me how I came up with the name, Manifestation Babe, I always giggle. It was such a random download from the Universe, and I have no idea where it came from. A little bit earlier, I had an Instagram account called @fitrussianbabe. I changed the name because I never wanted others to think that I’m some conceited fitness model who calls herself a ‘babe.’ A few friends mentioned to me that they LOVED the “babe” in the handle and so I kept that in mind when creating my new Instagram handle,” says Zenkina.


In the beginning, Zenkina says she had zero support from friends and family. At the time, they thought she was insane for thinking she could create a successful career online.

“Believe in where you are going, and the entire Universe will be on your side to help you manifest it.”

“It doesn’t matter if the world is against you. If you are on a mission, fully believe in where you are going, and the entire Universe will be on your side to help you manifest it,” she says.

Always a believer in herself, Zenkina focused on learning new skills every day to get her business running. By investing in personal development, marketing courses, seminars, books, and coaches, she was able to achieve her business goals. Let’s not forget she also continued to manifest success, which apparently continues to work for her to this day.

“I am always learning, experimenting, testing, and trying what I think will work. The difference maker for me really has been that I am NOT afraid to take risks. In fact, I love it. You never know what will work or won’t work unless you try it. I think that business owners should experiment more. They play it safe, and so they get safe results,” she says.

Another secret to her success: her business is not just work. It’s her obsession.

“I made it a part of my life. I called it life-business integration. This is where I don’t see my life and business as separate, but rather one entity existing together. This was the only way I could build it while working a 9-5 job, and then while traveling the world full-time,” she says.

Create a team that believes and trusts your vision. The people you surround yourself within your business matters. Find the right mentors who can help steer you in the right direction.

“A business is like a baby — it requires a ton of care in its early stages. You will find yourself giving all your energy to get it off the ground. However, once it grows up? It’s like witnessing the child that you birthed fully come to life. The more love you give it, the better it turns out,” she says.


The “Law of Attraction” is the ability to attract into your life whatever you are focusing on. Zenkina claims anything you put your mind to, you can manifest into your life. According to her, it’s helped her achieve success both in life and finances. She even wrote a book about it, Unleash Your Inner Money Babe, a workbook designed to help you let go of limiting beliefs about money and unlock the mindset of abundance and wealth.

“It’s perfect for beginners who want to manifest their first $1,000 while up-leveling their money mindsets for even more money attraction,” she says.

How will you start manifesting your dreams? Let us know in the comments.

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