This is a joke, right? I mean…

Of course it’s joke. Right? I mean, everyone says beauty trends can get seriously weird. After all, this is actually not a joke:

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But we all draw a line, right? (Er, a squiggly one, at least) There’s got to be a line. I am all for embracing your own beauty, sure, but this nosehair extension thing doesn’t seem like a love-yourself moment. This definitely seems like all the beauty vloggers just got together and coordinated a giant practical joke on all of us lesser, normal-looking plebeians.

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This is how I imagine that conversation, held at a top-secret beauty vlogger convention, might have gone:

“Hey gret_chen_chen, I think people are taking us beauty vloggers way too seriously.”

“You’re right, masterci2017. We need to do something weird, just to freak them out!”


*Everyone at the secret meeting stares nervously at that one girl, who blinks slowly, until she clarifies*:

Fake eyelashes, guys…”

“OH!” they sigh with relief, “we thought you were saying something weird for a second there!”

And then they all agreed it would be a hilarious joke to stuff fake eyelashes up their noses just to see how many people would take them seriously.

Well, the joke’s gone far enough, ladies. People are taking you seriously. I mean, people are writing and commenting on this like it’s Steven Irwin’s latest biological discovery. Does that mean this is real? I don’t know who to trust anymore.

I don’t mean to sound judgmental, I just sincerely don’t understand it. First of all, it’s rightly been compared to the look of spiders coming out of your nose. And any trend that would creep out Ron Weasley is no good in my book. Second of all, how on earth is that comfortable? Do you use glue? Do they tickle? How do you blow your nose? I have so many questions.

But really, I think fashion may have just imploded upon itself.

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