Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean that you’ll always have it easy in life. Sure, a high IQ score like Albert Einstein may come in handy – but highly intelligent people have their struggles too.

And sometimes, they even have more setbacks than most especially when it comes to their path to excel.

So if you’re a smarty pants and think you know how to do it all because you’re so smart, here’s how that attitude can set you back in a major way.

You’re too hard on yourself

Intelligent people are meant to figure out solutions to difficult problems, right? We look to smart people to figure out solutions to complex issues. Turns out if you score high in the IQ department, there are undoubtedly certain problems that keep you up at night. Sometimes, you can get so worked up about how to get around a situation that you lose sight on the fun stuff in life.  Plus, it’s no fun losing sleep.

You have difficulty developing relationships

Ouch. Here’s some truth juice: intelligent people seek relationships with other intelligent people since this is what challenges them. Here’s the problem!  You limit yourself when it comes to different thought processes. The more diversity of thought you have in your life – the better off you are, but turns out people like you kind of have a hard time developing relationships even when it comes to love.
It is hard for intelligent people to develop romantic relationships. Their high standard for companionship and friendship could leave them lonely and isolated. Often times, the only joy they get is either from work and career.

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