What does a Reality TV Personality, Actress and Model have in common with a Senior Vice President of CLD Style House in Los Angeles? Their unwavering love and healthy obsession for finding the ‘Perfect Nicoise’ and if you don’t know what the fancy fuss is over this salad, we’re about to give you an intriguing dose of history that will take you back to the 1500’s and King Henry II.

“Nicoise is known for its delectable ingredients, like anchovies. We think it’s something everyone should try at least once in their lives.”

How did Jessica Kinni and Rebecca Raskind embark on the unusual journey of finding the best Nicoise in Beverly Hills?

“We were surprised after we ate an unsavory dish at a prestigious restaurant. Our bad experience got us excited about documenting our fun journey to finding the ULTIMATE salad nicoise in LA. It began with passion and is now becoming a popular blog on Instagram.”

A History Lesson on La Nicoise

Nicoise is French. The salad originated in Nice, nestled just 15 miles away from the Italian border. Claims on where and how nicoise was born is up for debate but the story began in 1533 with a French woman. Catherine de’ Medici married the man who would one day become the king of France, Henry II. Rumor has it that Catherine was ‘afraid’ she would waste away with French cooking.

Legend has it that she imported a brigade of Italian cooks and her pastry chef to create a new kind of French cuisine.

No one really knows how much truth there is to the story, but the fantasy certainly is a fun way to think about how the savory dish which includes green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, olives, tuna and onions – was created.

Nicoise’s claim to fame is Anchovies.

“We would love to end up in Nice one day enjoying the perfect Nicoise on the Cote D’Azur.”

While working hard on their dreams, the boss women are delighting in their adventures in Los Angeles.


“We won’t know if we’ve found the best Nicoise Salad until we try them all.”

The Hollywood ladies have embarked on something they are passionate which is how most businesses begin. An idea. A inspiration. A passion desired to be shared with the world. With so many people day dreaming about someday doing ‘this’ or ‘that’, Jessica and Rebecca have some words of wisdom to encourage women who have a great idea but just don’t know how to take the next step.

“Our advice is, just start. Start simple, and do something for your passion project every day even if it’s something small. We made a plan for what we wanted to do and started small with our Instagram account. We wanted to test it out in a simple format without incurring much of an expense.”

Every day they dedicate concentrated time to their passionate project. They say that makes all the difference in building their business.

“We make sure to do something for Ooh La Nicoise every day and dedicate any weekend we both have available to shooting. Also, we made sure to create something that was positive and we could be proud of.”


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