If you’re lucky enough to snag a  heartfelt moment with Millionaire coach Stormy Wellington — you better savor it. It’s not everyday that you meet a millionaire who will share how they once lost all of their money. Or how that public failure spiraled her into deep, two-year long depression — and into a very bad marriage. All while raising her children.

It’s a story one could only imagine hearing after having three Long Island Ice Teas with a stranger at the bar whom you’ll never see again. But that’s not Stormy’s M.O. She wants you to know how she failed. And she really wants you not to make the same mistakes. If transparency were actual currency, she’d seriously be worth a billion dollars.

Which is why over 73K followers tune into her every word on Instagram to steal a glimpse of how she keeps her momentum. Born an orphan, raised in foster homes and a teenage mother at fifteen, this GED grad has never known a day where she didn’t have to claw for her spot at the table. Stormy, who created her success through network marketing took the pain from her past and built several homes in Africa for orphans.

She shares three tips on how to make a comeback when you’re at your lowest in life. 

Focus. Even When It Hurts

Sometimes things come up. Challenging, scary life altering things that you never expect to deal with. And the only way out, according to Stormy’s, is to focus with all your might.

“You know, what many people would have quit on… the things that would have made other people quit… they’re blown away at my ability to keep going against all odds. My mom died. I was holding her hand, I thought she was having an anxiety attack. Come to find out she was actually dying. I watched my mom take her last breath. Most people would have given up on life. My mom and I were very, very close. And literally the month after my mom died, I accomplished one of the biggest goals of my life.

Something else —  I went broke. You know, after making a million dollars before I turned 30, living this beautiful lifestyle, taking care of my kids, and taking care of my dad and mom — and then being this powerful woman, I go broke.

So, a lot of individuals that I know …would have gone into a depression and stayed there. But I just have a way of pulling myself out of certain situations and seeing the endless possibilities that are yet ahead of me.”

It’s Okay To Walk Away

While her focus may have allowed her to push towards taking her million dollar career to the next level (and then save it again years later), it was only natural that the grief she felt from losing her mother would catch up to her eventually. For Stormy, that meant depression.

“It’s kind of like I had a delayed reaction to it. Because I didn’t fall into a depression until 2013. And that’s when I got married — in a depression. And I married someone that never knew me, because he married the depressed Stormy. Not the real Stormy.

And so when I woke up from my darkness, we separated. He thought I changed — he didn’t know he met the changed version of Stormy.”

Use Being Uncomfortable To Your Advantage

To start over financially and romantically — while in mourning — is no easy task. The way Stormy tells it, it was a journey that took her longer than she liked (but not nearly as long as she feared).

“To feel comfortable again, to the point where I could pay my bills and put food on the table, was probably like 7K a month. Then I started to feel better about the work that I was putting in. It was difficult, because you have to overcome the opinion of others, like ‘What are they gonna say?’ And then not beating yourself up, because a lot of times when we make mistakes, we beat ourselves down.

I had to really have a conversation with myself. I went to the Bible —  I read a book of Proverbs every day. And I would speak to myself.  I believe in affirmations and writing things down. I literally rehabilitated myself through faith, through speaking to myself and seeing myself being better than I was at the time.

But, I’m also one of those people that believe that success is rented. And every day the rent is due. So I don’t ever feel comfortable. That’s why I have a mission of helping 1,000 families (earn six-figures), because that keeps me going. 

I see the end and the beginning, where most people can only see the beginning. I see what happens if I don’t quit. What happens if I keep going. What happens if I go to the gym. What happens if I do this conference call. You could easily say okay, I’m tired. Okay,  I’m bored. But you have to remember that success is rented. And every day, rent is due!”

On The Other Side of the Storm

When you hear Stormy talk about the rich lessons of her past, you get the sense that she feels wealthier than ever before. That by playing it smart, and not giving up too soon, she was able to not only survive life’s biggest storms, but thrive after them too.

“Life is different now, because I understand that life is a measuring stick of how many people you help solve their problems. I understand that you got to remain humble through it all — that it really can be taken away from you, if you don’t operate in love and humility and patience and you forget about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It can’t just be about things. I like things, but I don’t do what I do for things. I do what I do for God and for peace … and I like to be the inspiration. I like to inspire. To be the person that you see me and say WOW I’m so inspired. And so, life has changed, because it’s more meaningful.

I help a lot of people make a lot of money and it feels good. I feel good knowing that I could put a post on Instagram, and someone is inspired to keep going, even though they were divorced and broke. I feel proud of myself. And this is not an arrogant statement, but I know people that was in my position and they gave up. I know people that could have been in my position and they didn’t take the chance. And so I find ways to celebrate myself, and to say Girl, you doin’ the darn thing.”

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