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So you’ve decided to launch a business? Amazing! And you’re doing it while being a fulltime mama as well? Even better.

In the past, I always worried that my “momness” would hold me back from being truly successful in business. I stay home full time with my young children while running two businesses from home, and you know the biggest realization I’ve had? My momness is an asset, my swag even.

Because my time is limited, I have learned to become laser-focused during my work time and no longer waste my precious time with mindless social media and busy work. I am more productive, simply because I have to be.

I have also learned the subtle art of asking for help, both from loved ones and business resources. I want to spend my time creating and connecting, rather than struggling with bookkeeping or learning how to code. That is how I’ve discovered these 10 must-have free resources for every mompreneur.


One of the most challenging tasks for every business owner is keeping track of all of the moving parts. If you are also a solopreneur, you must be the creative agency, as well as the project coordinator.

To stay on top of every task in your business, start using an online management system like Trello. You can create a new board for each area of your business and easy move tasks down the line. Trello was helpful to me in the beginning, but now that I am fortunate enough to have an assistant, it is crucial for our communication. There are plenty of options out there, so play around until you find the right fit for you.


Mint.com is an easy and fairly pain-free way to manage your money. It is meant for personal use, but as any mompreneur will tell you, our personal and business worlds are always interwoven.

Having one dashboard where you can login to see your entire financial picture, while setting up monthly budgets will take a huge stressor off of your plate.

Grocery IQ

Let’s be honest – you have a lot on your plate (pun intended). I often find myself thinking of items we need from the grocery store while in the middle of work, but then immediately forgetting them.

Make your life easier by having a digital grocery list that automatically sorts items by section of the store and even holds online coupons.

Google Docs

The beauty of Google docs and calendar is that you can access them from any device anytime. This is where I keep my articles, lists, and presentations. Your docs can also be shared with members of your team or clients.

Facebook Groups

If you work from home while staying home with your children, getting out of the house to network can be challenging. While it is always important to have face-to-face time with fellow humans, Facebook provides an easy way to connect and collaborate anytime.

Just make sure not to get sucked into the ongoing newsfeed. Keep a list of three to five groups in your niche and make sure to spend a little time in them each day or week. Provide tons of value and answer questions. You will start to become known as an expert, all while typing in your jammies!

10 free resources for mompreneurs her magazine


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