More women than ever are working more than one job. In fact, statistics show that 72.6% of women report having a side hustle, just over one-third of women have taken out a personal loan in the last year, and almost 4 in 5 women admit to making money mistakes — like blowing too much on vacation, letting their partner control their finances, or being caught in an online scam. But gaining financial independence is one of the most important steps to take as an adult, not just for your retirement — but for your stress levels right now.

Who do you turn to for money advice? Sometimes, turning to a friend, parent, or other family member is helpful. But other times, you need someone who can provide guidance without the potential for judgment or unwanted advice. You also need someone who has been in your shoes, who has expertise, and who can connect with where you’re at in life.

That’s what we’re always looking for, too — so we’ve put together a list you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for financial guidance and an engaging presence to connect with, these incredible women are some of the best. Take a look at these top female personal finance bloggers, and follow along to take control of your personal finances.

1. Paula Pant, Afford Anything

Paula realized that having a 9-to-5 job wasn’t for her, so she saved money and traveled to Egypt for a few years. When she returned home, she realized that just financial freedom wasn’t enough — she longed for financial independence. To achieve it, she dove into the real estate investing industry. Today, she’s the owner of Afford Anything, a blog and podcast where she shares her life and financial advice with over 50,000 followers.

Her blog is for you if: You’re smart, different, and unconventional.

Her financial advice: You can afford anything, but not everything — and that’s true not only for your money, but also your time, focus, energy, and attention.

2. Melanie Lockert, Dear Debt

Melanie went to work in arts administration right out of college in 2006. She attended NYU for graduate school in 2010, and worked three jobs to make ends meet while paying for tuition. After graduation, she struggled to find a job using her advanced degree and decided to turn to financial bloggers for help. After that, she managed to pay off $68k of student loan debt in just four and a half years! The inspiration she found on other blogs inspired her to start her own blog, Dear Debt. Today, she is a freelance writer, speaker, editor, and coach.

Her blog is for you if: You’re interested in finding a side hustle to help your bottom line.

Her financial advice: For all those people who are mired in debt like I am, don’t be ashamed. It’s part of your story. Your journey. Your legacy. Your triumph. It’s okay that we’re not perfect. It’s okay to be human and make mistakes. It makes you more real.

3. Sandy Smith, Yes I Am Cheap

Sandy writes, speaks, and kicks financial debt to the curb! In 2008 she had over $121K of debt and repaid $50K of it in just two years. Then, she increased her personal income by $25K in 3 years. Today, she wants to help you. On her website, you’ll find her blog, courses, and a few freebies that might give you the personal finance guidance you need.


Her blog is for you if: You want to slay debt and/or your credit scores are low, and you need help raising them.

Her financial advice: I learned everything that I could to speed my debt repayment up as quickly as possible and shared what I learned along the way.

4. LaTisha Styles, Creating Coins

Creating Coins isn’t just a blog. It’s a community. LaTisha is a millennial personal finance expert and has a social following of over 40k people just like you. She graduated from college during the recession and had very few job opportunities. So, she did what every entrepreneurial spirit dreams of doing: she created her own career.

She paid off debt and now teaches other women how to do just that. On her website, you’ll find short videos, free training courses, and a blog filled with tips on how to start your very own entrepreneurial journey.

Her blog is for you if: You want to turn your ideas into income.

Her financial advice: Growth means you will face new challenges. Be ready.

5. Natalie Bacon, Natalie Bacon Blog

Natalie Bacon went from lawyer to financial planner to success coach and entrepreneur, and turned her six-figure debt into a six-figure business. She focuses on personal development and designing her dream life, and teaching other women how to do the same. While you’re checking out her account, take a look at the courses and other tools, tip sheets, and worksheets she’s created to help you ditch debt.

Her blog is for you if: You love making dream boards and want to take those designs to the next level.

Her financial advice: I’m a big believer in getting around people doing what you want to be doing and taking advice from people who have the results in their life that you want in yours.

6. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Making Sense of Cents

Jump over to Making Sense of Cents to learn Michelle’s practical advice for earning, saving, and living more. Her blog tells the story of how she paid off $38K of debt in just 7 months and took to the road in an RV to explore North America — and now she lives on a sailboat! This woman knows all about being a professional AND living life to the fullest. Her site gives advice on blogging, landing the perfect side job, and paying off debt.

Her blog is for you if: You’re interested in affiliate blogging.

Her financial advice: Budgets are essential to keep you mindful of your income and expenses.

7. Amanda Abella, Amanda Abella Blog

Working as a full-time personal finance writer, online business coach, and millennial money expert keeps Amanda Abella busy. She’s passionate about helping you build and grow your online business and personal finances. She strives to empower other women to get their financial life together — which is precisely what she did in 2010. You can read her blog or book, or sign up for coaching on her site.

Her blog is for you if: You hate the idea of being frugal. 

Her financial advice: My philosophy is to find ways to save, invest, and buy that hot pair of shoes you love!

8. Tess Wicks, Wander Wealthy

Wander Wealthy is packed with blogs, videos, podcast episodes, and freebies that will help you feel secure about your financial future. Tess Wicks is a financial coach and content creator dedicated to assisting women to stop the panic over finances and spend unapologetically. She also focuses on travel, and how to make your money work for YOU — rather than getting chained to the expectations of your money.

Her blog is for you if: You’ve got a serious case of wanderlust.

Her financial advice: I teach women and millennials how to live a more fulfilling life by using their money as a tool to make more money, live on less, buy their freedom, and gain the confidence and independence they need to live radiantly.

9. Lauren Bowling, Financial Best Life

Are you ready to think “outside the box” when it comes to your money? If you nodded your head — Financial Best Life is the blog to follow. Owner Lauren Bowling has been blogging about life and money since 2012. She will help you learn how to pay off debt, travel on a budget, and start making money on your blog.

Her blog is for you if: You’re interested in earning money with a blog. Once you pay off debt, you can move to the next section of her site — how to start a $100,000 blog!

Her financial advice: Let’s stop talking about what a drag money can be; instead let’s brainstorm ways to be strategic, so we never have to let money problems hold us back from the things we want to do, the places we want to go, or the things we want to create.

10. Emma Johnson, Wealthy Single Mommy

There are millions of single moms running families and businesses all over the United States. If you’re one of these inspiring women, be sure to check out Emma Johnson’s blog Wealthy Single Mommy. You can find more about her journey, book, podcast, and Facebook group on her site, and you won’t be disappointed. Johnson focuses on building community, and even gives away $1000 every month to a single mom who is working hard to build a positive life for herself, family, and the world.

Her blog is for you if: You’re a single momma — and looking for a community of like-minded women.

Her financial advice: There is no substitute for being totally financially independent — from your ex, from your parents, from anyone.

It takes education, inspiration, and community to really build your own financial freedom — and these amazing bloggers can provide all three. Did we miss any of your faves? Let us know in the comments!

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