Do you have dreams of speaking at Super Soul Sunday? How about running small, intimate workshops? In our digitally overwhelmed landscape, actual live, in-person events can invigorate your business and breathe new life into your passion for your work. A live event can also give your clients a life-changing experience and create some serious brand loyalty.

I thought about offering a live event in the past, but every time I got to the planning phase, I became too overwhelmed with all the moving parts and decided to table it. Once I decided to finally go for it, there was a steep learning curve, but just like any other piece of my business, I figured it out along the way. Here are my five biggest takeaways from making the leap from online content to live workshop.

You’ll Never Feel Ready

When you spend your days hunched over a laptop, the thought of attending, let alone running, a live event is terrifying. I was consumed with thoughts like: What if no one comes? What if my mind goes blank? What if someone asks for a refund?

The truth is that none of us will ever feel completely ready to do something new. Our brains are designed to keep up safe, and every new experience is a possible threat. If a live event has been on your heart, accept that even if you don’t feel it — you are ready.

Don’t Go It Alone

Once I committed to running a live workshop, I knew I needed help. I decided to reach out to a fellow entrepreneur friend and ask her to co-lead it with me. This was a great chance for both of us to reach a new audience. I also knew that making the commitment to another person meant I could not back out. Having someone to collaborate with also made the experience fun!

In-Person Events are Magic

On the night of the workshop, I started to get cold feet. I remember pacing in that meeting room, adjusting name cards and nervously babbling while we waited for everyone to arrive. However, once our participants started filing in, a shift happened. I took the focus off of myself and my own insecurities, and gave my energy to the group.

Coming together as a group of women actively improving our lives and businesses is powerful. We each fed off of the other’s energy, and soon the room was buzzing with excitement. As Phylicia Rashad said, “When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.”

You Already Know More Than Enough

When you put on a live event, there is a tendency to want to vomit everything you know about a topic in order to give your audience their “money’s worth.” The truth is, simple is always better. Start mapping out your content right away and edit it down. Make sure your participants will be walking away with solid action steps, as opposed to swimming in a sea of information and overwhelm.

Collaborations Will Grow

One benefit of a live event is what comes next. It has been so much fun to watch our workshop participants connect and collaborate with each other. Women shared experiences, bartered services, and showed up for one another. Give your participants writing and talking breaks so new relationships can form.

This could be the year for your own live event. Don’t be afraid to start small, ask for support, and just go for it. The world is waiting for you!


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