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Cramming all of your proudest accomplishments, market-changing goals, and brilliant advancements into a minute-long pitch can be a daunting task for an entrepreneur on the go.

After all, owning a business is like having a baby. How could a parent possibly spend just 60 seconds bragging about how awesome her baby is?

Maybe you’ve done the dirty work: prioritized the strongest chapters of your company’s story and shaved off the details you can bare to leave off. Now that pitch is practically tattooed on your brain; you can recite it in your sleep. But, is it helping you open the doors to achieve the results you want?

It might just be time to sit down, shut up, and plug those earbuds in. The new podcast Pitch Makeover is bringing you expert feedback on the pitches from entrepreneurs who are doing incredible things.

Take it from the experts

Created by Natalia Oberti Noguera, one of Inc. Magazine’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs of 2016,” the podcasts are applying the concept of a fashion makeover to the pitch. Imagine sorting through your closet for the statement pieces and necessities that will help you carry yourself with confidence. Oberti Noguera and executive producer Gina Delvac want to do the same for your pitch. With advice on what to keep, delete or add, you can hear the transformation as entrepreneurs refine their pitching skills.

“At a time when more voices are being erased, it’s up to us to see each other, support each other, and amplify each other,” Oberti Noguera, who is also the founder and CEO of Pipeline Angels, says about the release of the podcast.

Pipeline Angels, an investment network of women creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs, is backing the podcast. It’s a match made in pitch perfect heaven, as Oberti Noguera provides valuable insight that can also help entrepreneurs succeed with the Pipeline Angels. The firm has invested $4 million in companies lead by women.

Here’s how it works

Since Season 1 of Pitch Makeover premiered on iTunes and Google Play this spring, entrepreneurs have appeared on the show to work on their pitches.

Bonus: many of them have a fascinating focus in social change. So, as you get thoughtful insight in forming the perfect pitch, you also get inspired by real change-makers.

The entrepreneurs get one minute to pitch, then comes the feedback: what to keep, delete and add. Oberti Noguera skillfully probes for more information on the burning questions investors are likely to have. She offers insight into the most important things your audience needs to know. It’s far more than understanding what your business does; it’s getting excited about getting involved in your company’s growth.

Then, listeners get to hear entrepreneurs refine their pitch and incorporate the feedback. It will get you thinking about what you can apply to your own pitch.

Make your best pitch

“Guess what, personal is business; business is personal. If you make your business personal, that’s a way you can really connect, engage and reach potential customers,” Oberti Noguera advised one entrepreneur on the show this season.

It’s a delicate balance of selling personality along with business. This podcast provides a guide to mastering the best of both worlds.

Got 20 minutes? That’s all you need for a crash course in selling your business. Add Pitch Makeover to your podcast playlist on your way to work, during your morning workout or while taking a lunch break.

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