Christina Fulton has been through a lot in her life, and her own family’s constant public attention hasn’t made it much easier. But, through it all, in her own words, “I’ve reinvented myself four times.” The actress, singer, and motivational coach, famed for her fitness and motivational skills, has made a habit of pouring all that energy into her health. “I’ve had an insatiable appetite for fitness and health,” she explains. “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

Fulton started that motivational career young; in fact, she’s been teaching fitness since she was 19. After her brother rescued her from an abusive household, she moved with him to Hawaii and taught aerobics to Navy officers — her very first business. “I was practically a tween!” she laughs, remembering teaching cardio to sailors and surprising them with the intensity of the workout. Even after sixteen movies, an album, and a celebrity skin care launch, she’s still renowned for her motivational spinning classes at Crunch Fitness, which boast a cult-like following and constantly Yelped reviews.

“Ms. Fulton stands right next to Stacey Griffith, Colin Kim, and Bob Harper as the best instructors in the history of Crunch Sunset,” says a Yelp review from Daryl G. “Unlike anyone else on the current roster, she has from start to finish, a total command of the room, and understands that there is a huge difference between teaching and demonstrating. Ms. Fulton is a seasoned teacher, who not only makes you FEEL special, but in a very authentic way, she motivates you to push harder; to do better.”

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And now it’s clear: her focus is on health in every realm. “I’m about ready to kick the teeth into the anti-aging realm,” she explains, giddy about her next venture. “I’m releasing a skincare line that is going to solve a lot of problems.” After partnering with Iki Sakakura, she’s developed Immortal Beauty, a skincare line that she believes is going to change the anti-aging game.  “No one wants to get old, let’s be honest,” says Fulton with a laugh. “I’m gonna be your queen of skin!”

The daughter of a chemical engineer, “Fultron” grew up learning about every ingredient in every chemical in their home. When she noticed her grandmother and mother had about twenty bottles just for skin care, she wondered why it couldn’t be simpler. “I want women to win. I don’t like gimmicks. And I don’t think women are told the truth about their health and skincare. I want everyone to benefit from what I know.”

A true serial entrepreneur, Fulton has already developed fitness equipment, working exclusively with Crunch, as well as two apps which are soon to be released. Immortal Beauty will be her biggest launch yet — which will be paired with a ‘beauty tour’ across the country next year. “I’m a motivational Skinfitness coach — I make people happy, healthy and sexy every week. And I can’t tell you what that does for my heart.” Her events will teach you how to ‘outrun death,’ a philosophy which is rooted in a holistically healthy lifestyle. “It’s not just one thing,” she explains. “It’s everything. Eat well. Have sex!” She laughs, but reiterates: “Eat well, have sex, and stick with fitness.”  

What I notice most as I chat with Fulton is her ability to pursue so many new projects. She’s moving at light speed, and she’s refreshingly unafraid of success. “I’m firing on all cylinders!” That open fearlessness, Fulton says, comes from some advice given to her by none other than the film director Brian De Palma. While on the set of “Snake Eyes,” a film she made with her then-husband Nicholas Cage, Fulton was understandably nervous. The couple, traveling in Canada for the film with their son, dealt with a lot of paparazzi. For one particular scene, Fulton came to set and saw, with wide eyes, that they were surrounded by a crowd of extras for the film. “I looked out and saw about twenty thousand people with cameras watching, and Brian De Palma looked at me, and he goes, ‘What’s wrong’? And I said, ‘I’m nervous! It’s a lot of people!’ And he said, what are you talking about? This is what you wanted, right?’” Fulton laughs remembering the incident. “I thought, you know what, you’re right. This is what I wanted. That lessened the anxiety. Don’t be frightened of what you called in,” she adds. “I called it in.”

When asked if she has any advice for women in business, for those of us who dream of launching their own product, Fulton says three things are essential. “The first thing you need is a great team,” she explains. “I teamed up with Iki Sakakura, who has 35 years in the business of skincare in Japan.” She goes on to explain that she’s also partnered with Vayner Media to orchestrate her launch.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is really a modern day pop genius in digital marketing,” she says of the entrepreneur, bestselling author, and internet personality.” Vayner Media, who will be organizing the launch of Immortal Beauty, has worked with such high-profile clients as Chase Banks, General Electric, and Toyota, so it’s safe to say they’re prepared for an international launch of this magnitude. “I wanted the biggest person in this business, and that is Gary Vaynerchuck. I call him my digital Jesus. We’re both the same.”

Fulton remembers the kismet she felt when she started working with Vaynerchuk. “I’m kind of Gary with boobs. We’ve met our match. He gets me, he gets my hustle, he gets my speed, he understands why I’m here.”

The second thing you need for a successful business launch, according to Fulton, is you better have a great idea. And you only get that by investing in your dreams. “I call it ‘the Planetarium’ in my office,” she explains of the visuals she uses to organize and focus. “I’m the sun, and all the planets are around me. What are the planets around you? Your family, your business — but what about your dream? How many hours are you going to allocate per month to that dream? Make a strong, defined decision to do that.”

Your dream probably holds the secret to your best ideas. With Immortal Beauty, Fulton’s big ideas will finally reach the market — and get ready to be shocked. The line might be called Immortal Beauty, but “the cream’s name is under a secret wrap,” she tells me. “It’s very disruptive.”  It won’t be announced until closer to the launch, which is coming this winter.

The third essential part of a great launch? “You need timing,” she explains. Timing, as they say, is everything. Make sure you’re ready; make sure the market’s ready — and make sure your product is ready. “And don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere,” she tells me of that golden idea, “because dreams don’t expire.”

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