I’m calling it the December Detox. Whether you realize it or not, we are all storing a lot of junk and toxicity built up from a tumultuous election season. Time to hibernate and maybe take longer than we usually do to come out of hiding. Anyone else ready to wash off the slime left over from months of breaking news headlines? I love to keep it real, and while it was riveting to put together our Election Edition, I’m not so secretly happy it’s over with.

November taught me a lot about business.

Here’s the difference between me and other mainstream Editors or Founders of magazines you’ll find out there. And this isn’t about bashing one publication over the other – it’s pointing out what makes us unique, what makes us different. I don’t mince my words around here. I like to keep it classy, but as authentic as I can.

Life is a journey – and if you’re always looking forward to the destination or ‘arriving’, you’ll never be happy. Last month’s issue was one of our most successful, but it was also one of our most controversial. I’ve never shied away from controversy or ruffling a few feathers, because seriously how can we ever be successful in business if we’re always aiming to please people and playing it safe? You can’t.

But here’s what I learned. We have a tendency of being harder on ourselves than we should be, especially as women. If I’m too hard on myself, I’m betting you are too.

Let’s commit to each other to stop criticizing ourselves. As I look back, I am so proud of the tribe we’re creating at HER Magazine. People compassionately disagreed with each other and embraced different viewpoints. And I never doubted it, but nonetheless it felt good knowing there are many women out there – more often than not, who will support you. And don’t forget about the men. We can’t leave them behind in our quest to rule the business world. They bring different skills to the table and are assets too.

In this month’s issue you’ll be inspired by Carrie Sheffield. I’ve been watching her from afar for quite some time. She’s managed to build a global digital media company. And here’s why you’ll learn so much from her: in a world where content is still King or Queen, she’s got a toolbox of wisdom for any woman in business. The New Yorker doesn’t hold back – she is BOLD.

And here’s the beauty – while we are both working in the digital media world, we don’t see each other as competitors but as collaborators. That is how it should be done.

Although I’ll never disagree with being competitive. Collaborative with a slice of competition is a beautiful entree every business should serve up. It’s the key to thriving and surviving.

But what if you’re an introvert? Not everyone wants to speak up. Many of you are quietly bold. Just because you aren’t shouting from the rooftops ‘Here I am!” doesn’t mean you don’t have just as much to bring to the table. I’m loving one expert’s take on leadership. You’ll enjoy the tips Carol Stewart provides.

And if you’re a Mompreneur, you’ll be equally inspired by the CEO of Chewbeads. It’s the perfect anecdotal story that the American Dream is still alive.

Do you ever feel like nothing is an accident? Or have you ever experienced a moment of ‘I was meant to see that or read that.” That’s how I want you to feel about us.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read our publication. We appreciate each and every one of you.

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