It’s another anniversary. We refer to monumental moments in our lives — like wedding dates — as an anniversary. Your first anniversary is always the most exciting, isn’t it? And then, as years drift on, you get the sense that a lot of people either forget it’s their anniversary — or it’s just not important enough to celebrate anymore.

But celebrating milestones — no matter how big or small — is important, especially in business. It’s what builds excitement and culture in a company; it’s a chance to transform the way you’re doing things. It’s a checkpoint — a place we stop and assess how far we’ve come, what we’re proud of, and what we’re not so proud of. And the things we need to work on? In business, we work on improving them. Imagine if we applied this same philosophy to all areas of our life!

September 2018 marks an important date for HER Magazine. We were founded in this very month in 2014 and have gone through a lot together. A rebirth (rebrand) and an expansion of the team. We (or I) began as one person — now we have an incredible team of women and men from contributors, writers, photographers, videographers, editors, our Editorial Manager and Brand Marketing Manager, and web experts helping us excel in our mission to Unmake Tradition. This kind of growth is hard. It involves MONEY. And have you noticed how one of the things we shy away from talking about in business — and quite frankly, throughout our lives — is money?

How to make and grow it. We don’t like talking about it because the cold hard truth is most of us are not making or growing it.

Business takes more than just sweat equity if you want to scale.

It takes feeling comfortable about having a relationship with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson…and Benjamin Franklin. (Whoa — that’s a lot of men!). We’re talking about paper bills, here — and our emotional attachment, or how we feel about money, can dictate every decision we make in business.

That’s why we are dedicating our anniversary issue to money — how to make it and how to grow it. Because talking about money is hard — but for YOU to be successful, it’s got to happen. We’re thrilled that we found just the right cover woman to help us understand what it takes to build an empire: Elena Cardone is a wife, business mogul, and self-described kick a$$ mom (we agree). One thing she knows really well is MONEY (the Cardones are reportedly worth half a billion dollars. Yep — billion. With a ‘b’.).

They are the epitome of what many of us daydream about as entrepreneurs: a high-rise penthouse home with an oceanfront view, a butler who greets you at the door with bottled water and Perrier, a dedicated housekeeper, a closet full of Chanel and Valentino, fancy cars and wait for it …a PRIVATE JET.

And they worked for every cent of that wealth. Now THAT is someone we can take advice from when it comes to money! Whether or not that’s your ideal, we can all learn from the strategies Elena’s used. She and Grant are unconventional and in today’s world.

We have to get unconventional about how we make money. The landscape of business, thanks especially to technology, is rapidly changing. We can no longer just listen to conventional wisdom about money, because there’s always something new to learn.

That’s why this issue has some classic conventional tips — like how to start investing now — mixed in with a lot of unconventional advice — like how to monetize your Instagram! Because the truth is: you need both to grow your money in business today.

If there’s anything we don’t like, it’s stories about people who paint a pretty picture of their business journey with no depth, or offer unrealistic tips on how to get rich quick — or, better yet, are making money on teaching you how to make money, when they’ve never really made any money themselves! The Cardones tell it how it is, and paint a very direct picture about what it takes to GET RICH — realistically.

Grow your business. Grow your empire. Gain wealth. Ambition isn’t a dirty word, ladies, so let’s start talking about this!

We hope you enjoy our interview with Elena (don’t forget to check out our video series with her on our YouTube Channel — they can also be found on our website and Instagram). A special thanks to the Cardones for inviting us into their home in Miami and their place of business. I point this out because there’s the noition in mainstream society that rich people aren’t nice — and that couldn’t be further from the truth. At least, that’s been my experience — and in the case of the Cardones, exponentially so.


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