I remember the first time I ever boosted a post – the thrill, the intrigue, the suspense as I waited for the results to roll in.

It became somewhat like an addiction.

Post on Facebook. Boost the post. Sit back and watch the likes roll in.

For a young woman experimenting with running ads for her business, it was a perfectly acceptable practice to boost posts.

But unfortunately, for any business serious about using Facebook ads as a direct way to make more sales or collect more leads, a boosted post does little more than boost ones ego.

Most businesses that I speak to about their marketing tell me the same thing: Why yes, I run Facebook ads.

I ask them: So what type of ads are you setting up?

They reply: Oh, I just boosted the post.

Most business owners are unaware that there’s an entire world of Facebook ads that have the potential to actually drive real business.

When you pump $100 into boosted post, you’re telling Facebook that you care solely about the reactions. You’re basically saying that you just want people to like, like, like, without actually truly engaging with your business.

And without inviting them into a sales funnel – what good is that?

Facebook is much bigger than most businesses realize.

Here’s a list of all the types of ads you can create through Facebook ads manager:

  1. Promote your page
  2. Reach people near your business
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Increase your reach
  5. Send people to a destination on or off Facebook
  6. Get installs of your app
  7. Raise attendance at your event
  8. Get video views
  9. Collect leads for your business
  10. Increase conversions on your website
  11. Increase engagement in your app
  12. Get people to claim your offer
  13. Promote a product catalogue
  14. Get people to visit your shops

Like I said, much more than a boosted post.

As a social media marketer, there are probably six ad types on that list that I use on a daily basis, in order to specifically achieve results for the businesses I work for.

Its all about your objective.

If you’re looking to send people to a sales page, you would create a number 5 – a great visual leading back to a killer lead page where you can make a direct sale.

If you have a very high value service or product, you can collect leads for your business (number 9), and Facebook will optimize your ad in order to collect a qualified lead for your particular product or service.

Brick and mortar business? No problem, says Facebook. Choose number 2 and you can target anyone within 3 miles of your business.

Sure, these are a little more complicated to actually set up than a boosted post, given you have to follow a set of strict guidelines established by Facebook (hint: just because your graphic works for a page likes ad, does not mean that it will work for a local awareness), but the results are astronomically more relevant.
Lets put it this way – each ad is optimized for a different objective and Facebook will do anything in its power (within reason) to help you achieve this objective.

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