If you didn’t know any better – you could chalk up the hiring process in business to a religious experience.

Stay with me here! On one side of the coin, you have the potential candidate.

I pray I get this job, says the potential candidate after the interview process is over.

On the other side of the coin, you have the potential employer.

I pray this is the right person,says the hopeful business owner.

However, when the chips are down, the focus is less on faith, and more about the strategic decisions that employers make when they are in the process of hiring employees.

It is common in business – particularly with smaller companies – for employers to hire fast to fill a position and fire slow in fear of a lawsuit or just to be nice.

But this is where the trouble really begins in an organization.

Raise the Bar HR Founder Kate Brown says she works with a number of employers who rush to fill vacant positions and often end up regretting taking on the wrong person.

In a recent case, the departure of a key person on a project to a competitor left the team high and dry, and members of the team were left to carry the additional workload, working long hours and keeping up appearances to the client, who had every expectation of the work being fully resourced,Brown says in an interview with HER Magazine.

In a panic – as you can imagine, this company began the search for a replacement immediately, and while many candidates came in and out of their doors for interviews, and a few were even offered the position, the competitive market for this position meant that it remained unfilled for a few months.

But waiting months to hire a replacement can sometimes not only slow things down, but put pressure on other employees.

The project leader began to start compromising on the requirements, and eventually hired a warm bodyto fill the seat,” says Brown.

This is when trouble began. The new recruit did not have the full skill set to fill the role, so the team was restructured to fill the gaps – and how frustrating do you think that is for the team? Despite hours of training, this new employee continue to need careful watching, making error after error.

Imagine dominios stacked up. When one falls, what happens next?

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