When you first start a business, it’s tough to know where to put your money. This is when you get taken for a ride the most. Your ignorance is some other company’s bliss, but I find the most ethical companies will never take advantage of your lack of knowledge. That’s because real, sustainable businesses know that they’re only mission is to serve you.

HER Magazine was originally founded in September 2015. True story. And our first issue was hideous. I can say that comfortably because #1 I designed the damn thing myself on an app called pages in an ipad (my graphic designer is probably horrified reading this right now) and #2 10 people saw it. Maybe not even that. We were quarterly at the time.

Our Cover Girl – Jen Comas (who is a powerhouse in the fitness world …ever heard of Girls Gone Strong?) was kind enough to accept our invitation to be our first. I don’t think I’ve said thank you enough to her. We did her hair and makeup at my HOUSE! How ghetto-fabulous is that?

If you’re not embarrassed by your first ‘product’ – then you never started in the first place. Perfection will kill you, so don’t get sucked into believing that everything has to look amazing before you begin.

I want you to know creating success in your business does not happen overnight, and I want you to celebrate your wins – even the tiniest. I want you to love the journey, not the outcome.

I share this story, and the first issue of HER’s DIY magazine (back when it was called YOU) because this is the narrative no one ever talks about…

People often times only share their highlight reel. They don’t want to share the mess, but your mess is your message – a message that will undoubtedly inspire and encourage someone.

Here’s what HER Magazine looks like today:

rasheeda frost her magazine

Don’t waste the opportunity to make a difference.

Always remember, if you’re not insanely passionate about what you do – building a business will feel like a chore.

Every woman we interview started somewhere – most often times at the ‘bottom’. Sometimes people have advantages or a competitive edge, but those unicorn stories you hear about? Yes, the person who seemed to explode overnight? We call B.S.

This month’s (July 2017) cover story is incredibly inspiring. Lola Melani is a Russian immigrant and is living the American Dream. As cliche as that sounds, for people who migrate to the U.S. or any democratic country – opportunity is what they come for.

Every story and woman we feature all have one thing in common. They took massive risk and invested in themselves – consistently.

If you believe wholeheartedly in your crazy dream – be willing to do anything to get there.

Where do you start? Relationships. This has been the single biggest factor to our success here at HER Magazine.

Here are some Tips to Connect with Influencers in your industry because these relationships will take you to new heights:

  1. Make a List of People you want to know in your industry – people who could elevate you and your business.
  2. Find out who their friends are – getting to the people you want to know will be tough at first. Start with the small fish. Soon enough, the bigger fish will be swimming to you.
  3. In other words, work your way up the food chain.
  4. Ask to be connected or ‘pay to play’ if you can – this means buying someone’s product (show them support – you expect someone to take your call or email but you aren’t familiar with what they do? Think about that.)
  5. Give value before asking for something in return – figure out what that is…leverage yourself. We all have something to give…

Ready for the BIG ONE?

  1. Meet face to face (this is something 99% of people won’t do, so you’re way ahead of the game if you invest in this one activity alone)

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So be patient but persistent. Everything you want is waiting for you…

This is my Letter from the Founder in our July issue – to download, subscribe and receive a 7 day free trial to our magazine, go to iTunes or Google Play.

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