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Take one look at the CEO of boudoir lifestyle brand, Naked Princess, and you can’t deny it. Jordana Woodland is drop-dead fabulous! The former model has spent some time in the limelight, of course. But, strike up a conversation with Jordana and you’ll quickly realize, as we did, her beauty is a deep and direct reflection of her dreams, values and inspiring outlook on life.

“At Naked Princess, we aim to erase the undeserved guilt of self-care and replace it with self-confidence,” Jordana tells HER Magazine.

She’s a fervent believer in the power of “me time.” It’s a time to pamper herself, to reflect on her day, to treat herself with kindness and love. She will spend the rest of the day anticipating the needs of her three children and worldwide lifestyle brand, but for one hour in the morning, she makes sure to give herself the attention she deserves.

Inspired by the example her mother set, Jordana says there is no space for guilt during that hour.

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“When I was a child, I remember watching her get ready at the little station in her bedroom, almost like she was on a movie set,” she says. “It was her uninterrupted time to herself, separate from her time with her family. I love that she always took that time and wasn’t ever ashamed of it.”

She recognizes that finding the time to spend alone can be difficult, especially while blending the roles of mom and CEO.

“I try not to take too much on, while also trying to tackle as much as I can. It’s always a balancing act.”

It’s a poetic tenet of business and motherhood. Sometimes reality demands the impossible, and somehow, we rise to the challenge.

In 2011, when the Filipino-born entrepreneur set out to build her business celebrating what she calls, “the art of dressing,” she knew the space would be a beautiful place for women to reconnect with themselves. Now with product lines in loungewear, lingerie, and fragrance, Naked Princess is inspiring women to honor themselves, to spend that time feeling comfortable in her own skin.

The concept is resonating with women, and Naked Princess products are now found in spas and luxury hotels across the world, including Four Seasons, Bellagio, The Ritz Carlton and Mandarian Oriental.

Her rapid rise to success is another story of balancing acts; that of spending her time getting to know herself and getting to know other powerful entrepreneurs who have a story to tell. Mentors, Jordana says, are critical to the entrepreneurial journey.

“No one is going to give you a roadmap to success. You have to forge your own way with the wisdom of others who have come before you acting as your compass,” she says.

As much as she aims to promote self-confidence, she says it is also necessary for business owners to learn from each other. And, having the confidence to admit you don’t have all the answers can give you a competitive edge.

Jordana was able to strike a balance between trusting her own voice and opening her eyes to others.

“Listening is key,” she says. “It could open up an entirely new perspective that could be key to your next steps. You just have to be open to hearing it.”

It took celebrating her inner beauty to help others find their own.


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