Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill outlines how successful business people heavily rely upon a small and organized group of people to help them build their business.  Mr. Hill defined a Mastermind Group as, “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Joining a Mastermind Group isn’t just about success and achieving your goals, but a balance of improving your business while helping others improve theirs.  The basic and common theme of a Mastermind Group is to help one another succeed.

Often times people get confused about Mastermind Groups.  They think is a small niche or networking club. It’s neither. A Mastermind Group is for individuals who are dead serious about growing their business and have the necessary discipline to follow through.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Mastermind Groups.  I strongly suggest you find one or create your own. Find likeminded individuals who want to succeed as badly as you do.  Seek out others who embody personal traits that you deem valuable and inspirational.  Select members based upon drive, ambition and courage.  Join or assemble a Mastermind Group that is filled with diverse industries and members who desire to grow their business.

What Mastermind Groups bring to the table:


When you effectively work within a Mastermind Group, sounding your goals and tasks with others holds you accountable.  Your group will diligently check in on you and see the progress you have made in achieving your stated goals.  This type of accountability keeps you sharp and dedicated to the big picture ahead.  In my first Mastermind Group we set weekly intentions at the end of our meetings, where we had an opportunity to let the group know what we planned on accomplishing throughout the week.  To follow up, we started the next meeting by discussing our previous week’s intentions and what we accomplished.


Depending on how you assembled your Mastermind Group, you mostly like have filled your group with same or similar people who are serious about growing their business.  The people in this group can provide resources and introductions that can help you get to your next level in your business.

Novel Ideas and Perspectives

Perhaps your Mastermind Group is filled with a few individuals who are in similar industries as yourself.  Maybe there are a few individuals that are in a completely unrelated fields than yours.  Having someone outside of your industry can provide a new point of view when you’re faced with obstacles. Better yet, the collaborative efforts of the group can help you overcome any sort of adversity faced.  The group can also provide significant “brain dump” sessions that can lead to fresh  and innovative perspectives.

Support and Encouragement

A Mastermind Group affords individual members with unruly support.  When faced with an obstacle or in the need of advice, you can count on your Mastermind Group to provide the support you need.  You will never be short of alternative solutions on how to overcome a difficult situation.  Besides working together to grow your businesses, you actually gain some wonderful and intuitive friendships along the way.


Being part of a Mastermind Group allows for business and personal growth.  When you enlist the support from other like minded individuals who want you to succeed, you inevitably grow and expand your wings.


Mastermind Groups provide external momentum to help you get to where you want to be.  Your group understands your objectives and helps you celebrate along the way.

These Mastermind benefits are just a few of many. Every group has a unique and different flow to it.  Some groups may specifically focus on growth and creation, while other groups will work on refining their businesses and networking.  In the end a Mastermind Group is a fantastic way to tap into your own unique brilliance and better serve your business while being of service to others.

Like Zig Ziglar said: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want.”


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