After dropping out of college at 19 to throw every penny of her savings into starting her own business, Alicia Reynoso is now riding a wave of success with her brand Live Infinitely. Her line of athletic and outdoor gear is among the top 2% of sellers on Amazon. She and her business partner who is also her boyfriend are now working to expand into Europe.

In just three years in business, this self-taught millennial has graduated from hand-packaging each order to successfully launching more than a dozen unique products. Live Infinitely is discovering unlimited possibilities.

So, what can even the seasoned business professional learn from Alicia? And how can the dreamer be inspired to take that first step by Alicia’s story?

Let’s start with this fearless philosophy….

Live Infinitely promotes a self-empowering message of taking control of your life and offers products to help you fully enjoy each adventure. What inspired you to create a business out of this philosophy?

I’ve found that the memories I value most were the overnights in the mountains, hiking during sunset, or conquering my next fitness goal. Nothing really beats those kinds of experiences. Taking care of yourself and treating your body right is the most powerful investment you can make. And second to health, I hold experience as the next crucial ingredient in life.

That’s what I wanted Live Infinitely’s message to be – to show people that life is just a mindset. That your happiness, your relationships, your experiences are all determined by how you create them. And that’s why Live Infinitely is a dynamic brand, offering fitness products to take care of what’s most important, and outdoor products to encourage curiosity and adventure.

You say “true happiness isn’t found on social media,” but in real life. But we gotta hand it to you, Live Infinitely’s Instagram content and following is pretty dreamy! What advice can you share about mastering this social media platform?

While I’m not one that enjoys spending excessive amount of time staring into my phone, but I do have an absolute love for photography. No matter what I’m doing, I’m always taking photos of it – it’s my guilty pleasure. And with Instagram being such a visual based platform, I’ve found it to be the easiest way for me to communicate and relate with people that I may not have the opportunity to meet in real life.

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