Do you ever feel as though you’ve been on this hustle hamster wheel forever? When we’re growing our businesses and our careers, we’re often so focused on the everyday tasks that we forget to take a step back and see how far we’ve come. As a freelancer, I pride myself on my hustling ability, but I also get tired of the roller coaster. That is why I immediately said yes to the opportunity to read and review Vivica A. Fox’s latest book, Everyday I’m Hustling.

Vivica A. Fox is an actress, producer, and TV host. You probably remember from her soap days in Generations or movies like Independence Day, Kill Bill, and her hit show Empire. In her first book, Fox shares inspirational life lessons and fun stories of how she created her career through sheer hustle and determination.

As a self-development book junkie, I dove in ready for inspirational phrases about envisioning the life you want and cultivating those feelings now. I have to say I was surprised and delighted to instead receive some no-nonsense advice and even some tough love. Fox does not hold back about the amount of hard work it takes to make it in Hollywood, or anywhere else. It was refreshing to hear the real stories of what it took to get there.

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Fox is definitely not going to tell you to sit back, meditate, and visualize your goals (though I still do that too!) Fox believes that you have to make your own luck and to never sit back and wait for the right opportunity to find you. She recommends that all her readers wake up everyday, put on their “longest eyelashes and fiercest heels” and make things happen. Fox not only tells you how to go after your dreams, but helps you discover your passion in the first place. From her experience with a strip tease tutor to life lessons from Will Smith, Fox shares it all.

Own Your Big Dreams

Fox opens the book with true vulnerability and inspiration. I loved having the chance to hear about her being embarrassed of her name as a child, struggling in LA and having to ask her mother for a loan, and ultimately hustling her way to major movies and TV shows.

For all of us entrepreneurs, Fox has some advice. “There is nothing wrong with having big dreams. It just means you have to put in more effort.” Simple advice, sure, but profoundly true. So many of us get in our own way and almost talk ourselves out of our big dreams. In reality, we should be getting out of our own heads and getting down to work.

Behind the Scenes Look

As the book follows Fox’s life, she shares advice and stories on all areas of her journey. She even includes recipes. Using past relationship mistakes, she offers relationship advice, encouraging the reader to stay true to herself. She even gives tips for finding your personal style and how to invest in a wardrobe. Fox shares her daily nutrition plan, as well as exercise tips. I was also curious about Fox’s secrets to staying youthful, since I had no idea the star is 53 years old!

How to Maintain Success

I especially appreciated the final part of the book where Fox shares how she maintains success. As an entrepreneur, I can sometimes become way too focused on “making it,” forgetting that keeping success takes just as much work as getting there.

A Fun, Inspiring Read

In Everyday I’m Hustling, Fox weaves life and business lessons into her life’s story. Lessons like how to be both humble and confident, as well as never staying anywhere where you are not valued, are sprinkled in among fun Hollywood stories. Also, perhaps my favorite lesson: “When Oprah asks you to do something, you do it.”

I truly appreciated Fox’s honesty about how tough the journey can be. One chapter is even called, “Knock On Success’ Door, Honey. Hell, Kick It In.”

If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you it’s okay to quit, this is not the author for you. However, if you’re ready to get to the next level and want real advice about how to get there, pick up this book today. As Fox says, “When an idea fills an obvious need and you pitch it right, you can get what you want.”

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