There’s a Facebook group for just about everything. Look no further than your newsfeed.

“Join our new group! Inside, this group – you’ll learn this and that.”

None of us needs one more Facebook group to join, do we? Forget joining, sometimes we don’t even have the choice. People are adding us to their new Facebook groups every day. 

Unsolicited invites? We don’t recommend it.

And then there’s this.

There’s nothing worse than joining a new group only to be inundated with spam and calls to join someone’s team TODAY or miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Anyone else sick and tired of the spam?

Just because there are a lot of not-so-great groups out there doesn’t mean we should log off just yet. Facebook groups have become the new networking groups, so listen intently. 

You can easily make new business connections on your lunch break or while riding the train. For many work-at-home moms, Facebook groups are invaluable. Without a doubt, they’re a great way to network and connect without having to find childcare.

No matter what business you’re in, it’s important to find the right group or groups for you. While some are filled with spam and offers, there are others that are beautiful, supportive places for new entrepreneurs. Don’t underestimate the importance of community, especially when you’re just starting out.

Here are six places to start. 

HER Circle by Nineveh Madsen

Okay, had to do it – a little self-promotional here, but it would feel silly including a bunch of groups only not mention this publication’s private group. Besides, just ask their members: they’ll vouch for the awesomeness (they hope so anyway). Nineveh Madsen – a former TV news journalist who left the broadcast industry in 2015 to launch a media and marketing company shares business inspiration in her VIP group, HER Circle documenting her journey through building a business. And it’s not always pretty. The group was founded on the same principles as HER Magazine.  

Members get access to articles published to HER Magazine (including our monthly magazine in iTunes and Google Play) the instant they are made public. VIP members get  interaction with Madsen and other group members. You also get access to video stories, business tips, and LIVE hangouts.

HER Circle is unique because it’s invitation only – you won’t get an invite until you’re deep into Nineveh’s email list.

Other groups to join? That’s right – we’re perfectly fine dishing on the other great groups out there because one size does not fit all. Besides, we want you to get know the different groups – as entrepreneurs, it’s all about encouraging each other to grow.

You grow, we grow. 

We grow, you grow.

Online Business BFFs by Melyssa Griffin

This group’s focus is all about creating a community around genuine connections and friendship, instead of purely growing your own business. Group founder Melyssa Griffin says the group is “a place for online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice. This is truly one of the most encouraging and strategic communities on the internet!”

To join, simply request access on the group’s Facebook page. 

The Confident Ladies Club by Kate Crocco

Kate Crocco is a confidence and mindset coach helping women reach new levels in their lives and businesses. She often pops in for live chats and trainings, and provides tons of support to her members. The group’s description is right on: “The Confident Ladies Club is a place for women in business to come and feel supported, get encouragement, accountability, and weekly tips to help grow YOU to in turn grow your biz!” 

The Why Warrior Tribe with Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a proud warrior for her why and teaches group members how to channel their inner why in life and business. This group is so much more than a place to find support for your business.

“This is a sacred space to share inspiration, energy and ideas around building your dream brand, business and LIFE,” says Lilyestrom. 

Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher

Caitlin Bacher is an expert at leveraging your social media to grow your business. In her private group, Bacher explains, “I help entrepreneurs magnetize their social media to attract MORE customers.”

A customer magnet? Yes please! This group is especially great for all the creatives and artists out there.

The Creative’s Corner by Julie Harris

And, speaking of creatives, you’ll definitely want to check out The Creative’s Corner. This group is geared toward creative small business owners.

According to the group description, “this community is all about providing creative support and guidance for the modern digital small business owner. Here, you can ask questions, get suggestions, make special announcements, reach out for guidance and meet new incredible people just like you making lists and taking names in the digital world of business and design.”

This group is exclusively for email subscribers, so if you’re interested head over to sign up for Julie’s newsletter.

How to make the most of Facebook groups

While these groups are all amazing, joining too many can quickly become overwhelming.

Look through the list and pick two or three to commit to. Check in with these groups and participate in the chats. When someone asks a question, be one of the first to offer valuable, promotion-free solutions. That’s right – add value, before the ask. 

After joining a group, make it your mission to provide as much value as possible.

Don’t be one of those people hogging the news feed with all of your “stuff,” but don’t just hang out on the sidelines, either. Lead with value and shared tips that have really helped you in business. When someone in the group asks a question, leave a thoughtful answer. Make a conscious decision to focus on what you offer, rather than what you’ll get out of the group. You just might find yourself in communication with a group’s owners, discussing ways to collaborate on revenue-generating products or trainings. All just from being a friendly group member!

Ready to start your own?

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own group, do not become discouraged by the sheer number of female entrepreneur groups available. Remember, there is not one Facebook group leader out there with your unique gifts and experiences. You don’t have to fit some cookie-cutter model. You can, and should, break the mold and create a beautiful space you are proud of.

When I started my group, The Sisterhood of the Hustlin’ Mamas, I took a lot of time to think about how I could best serve my fellow mamapreneurs. In our group, it is all about support and community. Instead of going with the usual daily themes, I made up my own. For example, in order to create a close sisterhood, I initiated Giving Tuesdays where we offer free gifts to each other, such as a free download or coaching call.

Your group can be anything you make it. Focus on what your audience needs and go from there. With all of the negativity out there, make your group a breath of fresh air!

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