Jen Groover wants to empower you to achieve your goals.  The international motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and UN delegate for the Global Entrepreneurs Council strives to innovate in every industry she is inspired to play in, and she wants to help you do the same.

Groover knows what it takes to make ideas succeed.  She created a multimillion-dollar brand when she launched the Butler Bag, a compartmentalized handbag, and she was able to pivot that success into an entire lifestyle brand.

“Because of positive impact, through things like innovation, job creation, philanthropy, etc., our society excels as more entrepreneurs are empowered to create and innovate,” she tells HER magazine.  “This leads to eradicating old limited beliefs that hold our nation back, to propelling forward with expansive ideas, new ways of solving problems, and uniting as a healthier, happier society.”

Groover knows entrepreneurs typically have great ideas, but understands that they might not know precisely how to execute those plans or what steps to take to help them grow.  She wants to change that.

In 2016, she launched Jumpstart Connect, a pop-up shop in various cities across the country geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners.

With JumpStart Connect, she breaks everything down. The experience-centered store allows entrepreneurs at every stage to gain advice, knowledge, and resources to accelerate their growth for free.  Events have taken place in Philadelphia and New York City, with more scheduled soon.

“I realized innovation often died before it even could take off, because so many people felt so overwhelmed and under-educated on how to become an entrepreneur,” she says. “Or, if they were already an entrepreneur, they struggled to get to the next levels of financial freedom.”

She created the pop-up shops so she could walk founders through those steps and help them get the services they needed under one roof.  Think of it as a trade show — but, instead of wandering without purpose, attendees get to meet mentors who can help them grow.

Entrepreneurs attend for free, and partner companies like UPS and Comcast Business pay JumpStart Connect a sponsorship fee in the hope that these speed dates with entrepreneurs will turn into long-term relationships.

“If you are a corporation, it’s wise to realize that so much innovation comes from entrepreneurs, and learn how to partner with them, incubate, invest, and more. It stimulates the economy for everyone,” explains Groover.

At these events, attendees can get connected with a bookkeeper, a legal adviser, a media trainer, a web developer, and video experts.  Groover hopes entrepreneurs gain knowledge, go-to resources, amazing relationships, and new-found energy by connecting with each other.

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For those who can’t attend these events, Groover wants to introduce you to EmpowerEntrepreneurs, an initiative on social media created to celebrate risk takers and dream makers.  She posts content and resources to empower entrepreneurs’ growth.  She hopes the movement inspires more people to understand the impact of entrepreneurship and encourage larger companies that offer business services to small business owners to engage more authentically.

“Through this mission, we want to empower more entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with more knowledge, tools, and inspiration.”

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