Calling all lovebirds! Valentine’s fever is in the air, and everywhere you look you’re reminded of it. Candy hearts, overpriced cards, and reminders that you should be in a relationship. Whether you find yourself in a relationship or not this month, Valentine’s Day can get a little old. There’s pressure to celebrate it. You wind up going out for an expensive pre-fixed menu when all you really wanted to do was put on your PJs and watch The Bachelor.

Bring some new life to this day of love by looking beyond your love relationship and showing your customers just how much you care. We all love to hear that we are appreciated, so this is the perfect opportunity to deepen your relationship with your readers and customers. Whether you sell physical products or online services, there is a way for every #girlboss to give her customers a much-deserved thanks.

Have a Sale

It’s not the most original idea, but that’s just because everyone loves a sale. You could offer 14 percent off of one of your products in honor of Cupid. Your sale could be for new customers or established ones as well. While I’m always looking to add to my community, I never want to take my past customers for granted, so I’m always careful with new customer specials.

Private Coupon

You know those really great customers? The ones that refer their friends and share your Facebook posts? Treat them to some serious love this February with a private coupon just for them. You could send out a coupon or your email list or offer one in your private Facebook group. Use this as an opportunity to take even better care of your best clients.

 Free Download

Try developing a new free download this month. You may already have a freebie when readers subscribe to your email list. Spruce it up with more tips or better graphics. Every business can get creative with this. I love the travel guides on Kate Spade’s website. Their team offers detailed travel tips and guides to many vacation spots. Let your imagination run wild.

 Donate to a Charity

Everyone will be feeling the love with this one. This month consider donating a portion of your profits to a charity or nonprofit you believe in. Your customers will feel great that not only are they getting an amazing product, but they’re contributing to a worthy cause as well.

No extra money to donate? No problem! Donate your time or services and share about it in a blog post. Readers and customers love getting to see your real life, so this is a perfect way to give back.

Share some Behind the Scenes

Speaking of showing your real life, you don’t actually have to give anything away to show your customers love this month. You could simply share more of yourself. We all love to see the behind the scenes in any business or blog, so being a little more vulnerable could be really meaningful to your customers.

 Contest Giveaway

If you’re looking to grow your audience, host a giveaway using social media. Maybe customers could receive one entry every time they tag or share your contest on Facebook and Instagram.

Free Shipping

There’s a reason why Amazon Prime is so popular, and it’s not just the crazy turnaround time. It’s that you never have to think about shipping. If you have a product-based business, think about offering free shipping on Valentine’s Day or even all month.

 Say Thank You

Finally, the best way to show your customers some love is to show them that they are valued. Show them how much you appreciate their precious time. We are bombarded with options these days, so the fact that someone chose to spend her money or time on your products is meaningful. Send a thank you newsletter and tell her exactly what she means to you.

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