HER Magazine™ wants to share what our five pillars are. They encapsulate who we believe she is – or who she’s striving to become. You can always expect us to share stories and inspiration centering around these anchors.

  • SELF

Self centers around everything that matters to her.

From health to fitness, her spiritual journey, beauty and relationships – this pillar is influenced by the very women inspired to write about what impacts their center.


What is her purpose? This journey is different for everyone.

Your purpose to become a mother – or not. Her purpose to be a philanthropist. This is where meaning is found. Her life’s purpose is what ultimately drives her heart.


Success defined is accomplishing your purpose.

Her version may be different than yours, but you will always find someone whose success mirrors your own – or you will discover her success is what you want. Her success, perspective and challenges will show you the way there.


She is not afraid to talk about money.

Her experiences will only help you become better at accomplishing the financial goals you desire. Her advice will be invaluable to the way you live your life.


What will she leave behind to her children, family or friends?

What mark will she leave for the world to remember.

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