Want to be happy and successful in life? You kind of sort of need to be a little selfish. Okay, maybe not even a little, but a lot!  At the end of the day, your happiness is your responsibility and most of the time, you have to actively look out for your own interest when making tough decisions.

Cuz ain’t no one going to do it for you, right?

Get this into your head: there is nothing wrong with being selfish.

Want to make the most of 2017? Here are 10 selfish things you should do right now.


Sometimes you need to travel and rediscover yourself. Traveling to new locations is a great source of learning. Sometimes it’s a signal to a new beginning, experience or project. There is so much to gain when you leave your comfort zone, such as developing new relationships and embracing new experiences.

Taking risks

Take risks and make mistakes. Through this you can discover opportunities for growth. You shouldn’t be afraid of failing, rather be focused on knowledge and experiences.

Chase your dreams

Of course you should pursue something you are truly passionate about. You shouldn’t be afraid or stop yourself from selfishly getting the most out of life. Be courageous and go all out with your dreams.

Be independent

You may need help to improve your finances. However, you should learn to take charge of your future and do what needs to be done to improve your life. Be independent – get a job or start a business. Don’t be so dependent on others.

Letting go of the past

Tough one right? The past should be where it should be. There is no point living in regret. You should learn to live in 2017 and embrace the future rather than get stuck in the past. You know what they say about rear view mirrors right? There’s a reason they are so small. Look through the lens of your windshield. There’s a reason why it’s so big. There’s a world of opportunities waiting for you.

Listen to your gut

Some decisions are made emotionally, and not practically. Exercise emotional intelligence when needed, but don’t be afraid to listen to your gut especially when it comes to tough decisions.


We’ll keep this short. Your body is the vehicle to your success. So take care of your body and mind.


You can’t really express love when you don’t love yourself. It’s that simple. Fall in love with your being, appreciate your strengths and take action to constantly improve yourself to become a better person. Regardless of the circumstances or the events that have happened in your life, you have to start learning to love yourself or else there’s no way you can love others.

Say “no”

Learn to say no to toxic people who contribute negativity to your life. You can’t please or tolerate everyone! And seriously, don’t feel about about it.  You have to learn to be selective about who you accept and let into your world.

Believe in yourself

No one can do this better than you. You have to learn to silence any negative thoughts or doubts that keep holding you back. Believe in yourself, in your dreams and go for those things you truly desire.

Sounds simple, but everyone needs a reminder…

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