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For many of us, working from home means a lot of sitting. As a freelance writer, I spend much of my day at the computer, usually working through lunch. In the past, I would only get up for an occasional bathroom break, but not anymore. Sitting too much is legitimately dangerous to our health. It doesn’t matter if you spend your evenings binging on Game of Thrones or training for a marathon. We all have to be active throughout the day to keep our bodies healthy and feeling good.

Fortunately it’s actually easier to sneak in a workout or two during the day than we think. I used to think that a workout meant spending an hour at the gym, and if I couldn’t find the time, then I just didn’t do anything.

Once I became a mom and an entrepreneur around the same time, I knew my days of hour-long spin classes and long runs were over. I needed to get creative and a little sneaky if I wanted to keep my body moving everyday. Here are 10 strategies that you can try to get you moving and grooving right now.

Take a Walk

You probably know by now that you cannot work for eight to ten hours straight. Your brain and body need an occasional break. If you keep trying to push it all day, you won’t be as productive. Taking a quick walking break can be way more refreshing than that 2pm coffee. If you work from home with small kids, take a few breaks throughout the day to pack everyone up and do a couple laps around the block. Your kids will love the outdoors time, and you will come back to your work feeling refreshed and energized. If you are alone, download a great podcast and get out in the sunshine.

Search YouTube

YouTube is absolutely full of free workout videos, many lasting just 5 to 10 minutes. Bookmark a few of your favorites to have on reserve when you need a break. I like to turn one on every time I finish an article. It helps me unwind before jumping into the next project.

Roll Out the Yoga Mat

Even a minute or 2 of stretching has benefits. Sit down on your yoga mat and take a deep breath. Do a few forward folds while focusing on your breath. If you are feeling tired, try a couple sun salutations for a natural energy boost.

Dance It Out

If you are struggling with writer’s block, sometimes there is nothing better than dancing it out. Pull up your favorite playlist and get moving. You work from home, so there’s no one there to judge you.

Upgrade Your Desk

A great way for entrepreneurs to fit in exercise is with an activity desk. Treadmill desks are amazing, but expensive. Last year I opted for a more affordable option and invested in a fitdesk, which is a stationary bike with desk attachment. Not only does this keep me more active, but I am also less likely to mindlessly snack while working.

Find a Class

As great as it is to sneak in a workout in between projects, there is nothing like getting out of your house to exercise. Working from home is liberating, but it can also be pretty isolating. Look into finding a workout class that you can look forward to each week. You’ll get in a great workout while making contact with the outside world… win-win!

Check Your Phone

There are new apps for smart phones popping up everyday, and some of the most popular ones are the health and wellness apps. There are plenty of free apps that provide any type of workout from high intensity to yoga.

Make It a Date

We all know that we’re more likely to bail on a commitment to ourselves than to a friend. Find another friend who is around during the day and make a date to go for a walk together. You’ll have the chance to catch up while doing something great for your body and soul. You can always meet for those after work cocktails next time.

Squeeze It In

There are some days when a workout is just not an option. We get it. You’re on a deadline. Your biggest client won’t stop calling you. Your kids are home sick. These are the days that fly by and sneaking out for a walk just can’t happen. However, these are also the days when you probably need a stress-relieving workout the most. When there is no time, just focus on sneaking in exercise where you can. Do squats while you brush your teeth. Walk laps around your apartment as you make client calls. Look for any little opportunity to be just a tad more active. They’ll add up!

Find a Good Cause

We all know that exercise is good for us, but so many of us have trouble getting started. When motivation is low, it can feel impossible to get moving. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling trapped like this, find a cause bigger than yourself. Sign up for a 5K that benefits a charity you believe in or download the Charity Miles app.

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