Completing your early morning errands for the family, remembering to be on a 2:30pm conference call for a potential partnership, all while prepping your kids for their drive to school – sound familiar? There’s no magical genie that helps keep up with everything like family, our health, and business but wondering how to balance babies and your business while staying sane?

Being a full-time mom and entrepreneur, I know the struggles all women face in taking control of their schedules and creating a sense of harmony between work and home life.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, 9.4 million businesses are owned by women, with nearly 7.9 million employees and $1.5 trillion in sales as of 2015. These stats show that women entrepreneurs are a success and have broken through the barriers that existed for so long.

Forging our own way in business, moms are creating a path for all modern moms ready to take charge. Want to do it right? Take a few tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Don’t Overdo It: Overspending, in the beginning, is a no-no. No business just decides, “I want to be Amazon,” and POOF, you’re achieving billions in revenue overnight. Start slow, be patient and build your company step by step – let it grow naturally.
  2. Build Balance: While you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off – remember to practice balance. Don’t forget about the other, enjoyable activities – and priorities – in your life that makes it worthwhile. Pause for a minute and spend time with your family and kids, the brand will be there when you return.
  3. Get Grounded: Think you’re capable of working around the clock? Ditch that idea and keep yourself firmly planted in the ground. Practice an attitude of gratitude daily and never do more than your body can handle.
  4. Accept Failure: You’re going to fail in some part of the business in the beginning – there’s no escaping it. Be persistent and never give up, regardless of obstacles or roadblocks that may stand in your way.
  5. Have A Healthy Hobby: Being constantly busy can lead to serious amounts of stress. Find peace of mind with a healthy hobby such as painting, playing an instrument, swimming, etc.

As a mompreneur, trying to manage everything can be quite the challenge and a concern for thousands of modern mommas. While some believe there is no such thing as a true balance, I believe that when you make a real effort to build harmonious relationships between family, health and your business – it tends to make things a lot easier.

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