We as women are always giving up one thing for another. We give up ourselves and our health for our careers and families. We put ourselves last because we’re the giving type. We start to feel that we have to choose, it’s either this or that – never and.

If you want a thriving career AND a healthy body to enjoy it in, you can.

In fact you can have it all. Don’t feel guilty about it because you’re allowed to have what you want. I just gave you permission.

So you want success, a thriving career, and a healthy and fit body to enjoy it in. When you finally go on that vacation or reach the pinnacle of your career, you want to feel amazing, not tired, burnt out, or worse – sitting on the sidelines of your own life.

Have it all!

But how? We thought you might ask.

Define what health and success look like to you specifically.

We all have people we look up to that have defined what success and health should look like which is great, but is that what you want? Maybe success to you looks like leaving the office before 6 p.m. or making it to your kid’s sporting event 1 day a week. It could even mean a $5k business month or a promotion at work. For your health, it could mean making dinner 3 nights a week, going for a walk around the neighborhood for 20 minutes most days, or finally signing up and attending that fitness class you’ve been eyeballing. Your definitions look different than mine. Go with what works for you and what makes you happy. You have the power to define these in your own life.

Move your body how you like.

I love Crossfit! It’s grown my confidence in crazy ways. Find that activity for yourself. It can be walking, barre, hiking, running, yoga, spin, or pilates. Find something you love and do that, all the time. When you enjoy your activity of choice, you look forward to it instead. Working out should not be a chore. When we do things we like, we make time for it, even with a busy schedule. If you haven’t found something you like, try experimenting first. The key is to take it slow and work up to something more. Even if you did 5 extra minutes of walking in a day, that’s 5 more minutes where you made yourself and your health a priority. Moving your body has so many benefits to your career and productivity.

Track portions, not calories.

Eating should be enjoyable and not a math problem. This is doable even if you eat out often or don’t like to cook. You can still eat well and nourish your body. When you’re on the go and eating out, make room for a serving of protein (the size of your palm) and vegetables (your fist). When your body is fueled by protein and vegetables, it helps you feel full longer. As women tend to not eat enough protein, so getting it in is key for looking great, feeling good, and being successful. Protein plays a role in nearly every function and hormone in your body.

Have a sweet tooth? If you really want the dessert, have it. Depriving yourself is what leads to those binges. Just do me a favor. Slow down, and pay attention to the taste, texture, and flavors. When you get real mindful with your food, you find that you don’t need as much to satisfy you.

Get good quality sleep.

You want to be successful in life? You’ve got to get some sleep. Forget what everyone says about not sleeping to be successful. Yes, you have to work hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sleep. Ever notice how unproductive you become when you’re tired (maybe you’re eating to stay awake or on Facebook). Take the break, get your sleep, and be more productive the next day. Keep the electronics out of the bedroom, and start a bedtime routine 30 minutes before bed. This will help improve the quality of your sleep.

Small choices lead to big changes.

You don’t have to change everything at once. In fact that can be really overwhelming, cause you to quit, and get stressed out. Instead start with one thing you know you can fit into your busy life that’s going to lead to your end goal. Make that a habit. Once it becomes beyond easy, add another small step. Mini successes often lead to big successes in the end.

When you take care of yourself, even a little more than you are right now, you’ll reap the benefits in every aspect of your life.

And that is how we can have it all. 

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