There are a ton of articles on the art of unwinding your life. In today’s fast-paced society, we literally have to consciously cut out time in our calendars to unwind. If you don’t block out dates and times to chill, then you’re already losing the game.

Here are some wholesome alternative activities that we can jump into when we are aiming to de-stress.

Hello, Massage

Heal and release tension immediately.

There’s no faster way to chill then to book yourself a massage. We recommend something atypical – go all out and ask for a swedish massage inclusive with the fancy, delicious scented oils. If you’re holding tension in your muscles (hello, who isn’t?), you’ll be glad you booked this much needed R&R.

Rediscover Lost Arts

Say what? Yes, we’re recommending you take a trip down memory lane. Think maternal – actually let’s go back to your grandmother.

Knitting, embroidery, baking, and sewing are unbelievably relaxing. If you’ve never tried knitting, it’s equally as hypnotic as meditating. Seriously. A lot can be said for rediscovering these arts. Needle arts in old literature were said to represent women scheming. Love it!


Get tranquil with flotation tanks. Yes, this is a thing.

Floatation tanks are popping up as a new age therapy. If you’ve never heard of flotation tanks – it is a dark, silent tank where you float in highly-concentrated epsom salt water. If you are claustrophobic, this coffin-shaped dark abyss of tranquility is not for you.


Swimming is the next best thing to flying – if we could fly.

Relax and unwind in the water. The weightless freedom of floating through water can help release tension. Add deep breathing and you’ll sink into a deep sea of utter repose.


Taking a break from your phone and computer screens is no longer a suggestions, but a must-do in today’s digitally enhanced world.

‘Instagram neck’ is a real thing, so stop looking down and start looking up. Get outside, away from your devices and explore the great outdoors, even if it’s just looking out at the skyline from your porch.


Walking is a form of meditation. It’s a great alternative if you can’t sit still.

The rhythm of walking is scientifically proven to be comforting, a lot because you’re getting your blood pumping. So much of our time is spent sitting, that it’s important to get our bodies moving. Moving our bodies helps reduce anxiousness and even signs of depression. There’s no APP for sunshine – which means there’s no substitute for a real horizon. Get outside and walk your blues away.


You don’t need to be spiritual to be a yogi.

Yoga Nidra, mindfulness, relaxation, guided meditations – there are so many options. What’s important is recognizing the REAL benefits of yoga. Focusing on breathing, yoga helps release tension in the mind and body. Many use it as a tool for their mental well being.


Dance like noone is watching.

Dancing has some seriously cool advantages. Feeling angry? Music calms the beast in you. Studying? Mozart can help you focus. Just want to feel happy? Try this trick: pump up the volume on your favorite song and start jumping up and down. According to one of our favorites, Tony Robbins – it literally changes your biochemistry.

The Old & Young Phenomenon

Age ‘aint nothing but a number but the innocence of babies and the wisdom of the elderly have a way of bringing us back to earth.

There is something comforting and reassuring about speaking to the older generation. It’s great practice to listen to their experiences and wisdom. On the other hand, speaking to the young can be equally inspiring. While you might not find spending time with children relaxing, you could find a way to do relaxing activities with them.


When’s the last time you really laughed? Belly laughter releases feel good endorphins.

This is going to sound outrageously bizarre but if you have a hard time laughing, did you know there are laughter clubs and laughter yoga groups!? If this concept is too strange to wrap your head around, try laughing the old fashioned way – with friends. Or catch a good comedy show. Laughter is medicine – helping release those feel good juices called endorphins through the body. Even smiling (on purpose, when you think you have nothing to smile about) has been proven to relax and uplift you.

The truth is you may have not made it through this entire article – or you’ve heard this advice time and time again. There’s nothing novel about any of these tips but they are a reminder that if you’re not practicing any of the above, it’s time to do a serious check on your life.

Unwinding has to be scheduled.

Now get off your mobile device or computer and do something to de-stress – but not before you send this article to a friend who really needs the R&R just as badly as you do.


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