Ever imagined yourself, swooshing down a super pow mountain, without a care in the world? Catching the envy of some serious side eye, as your ultra fine merino wool, arrowhead, quarter zip sweater, catches the attention of slope siders?

Why not? Women, including those addicted to the outdoors, want to look good in their gear. And do it while showing off both their stamina and style in beautiful functional clothing. “A girl should be two things:classy and fabulous,” according to icon Coco Chanel.

No doubt you’ll find both in Krimson Klovers 2017 line of luxuriously chic sports fashion. So, get out and Live Boldly as the creatively patterned fashion knitwear line encourages. The lifestyle line goes beyond snow sports into a casual athleisure line that is bigger, bolder, younger, and still eco-friendly.

Seven years ago, Krimson’s key designer and founder, Rhonda Swenson, embraced her true inspiration in knits. Pairing a sweater obsession, a passion for luxury outdoor products and functional women’s style. Krimson Klover was launched, and she has not looked back. They’ve experienced steady annual growth, and a 40% increase over the past year alone.

HER magazine grabbed a few moments to pow wow with her and her team earlier this year at the 2017 Outdoor Retailers Winter Market. The Krimson booth was buzzing with retail buyers excited to see the new line and take in their dedication to the slow fashion movement.

“I’ve been buying Merino from the same company through three brands,” says Rhonda.

“With fifteen plus years working with these factories, I have a longstanding relationship with them. I’ve met the families and children, and vetted each location. There is trust in working with them.”

Supply chain integrity is key to Rhonda Swenson, and contributes to a global movement of wanting to embrace authenticity. Slow fashion has been a commitment, including knowing the origins of her product. Plus, she has dedicated ten percent of sales from both her ecommerce and retail outlets to different charities each month. Including Habitat for Humanity, Dignity U Wear, Pink Vail, Colorado Hands and Voices, First Descents and more.

According to Rhonda, “Giving back is truly what makes the world go around. It is a core value of our company, so we make it a priority.”

Rhonda has certainly had to overcome a big learning curve with her newest brand. Adding skirts and dresses to her knitwear line was no easy task, according to her. Luckily, she has the strong drive to get things done.

“I have this mentality to jump in with both feet and figure it out later.”

Rhonda says, “It’s sink or swim, and I’m not going to sink.” The true mark of an entrepreneur. She has created a dynamic team of women — her entire staff is female — she leads by example, gives back to communities and buys and sells with integrity. With 30 years in the industry, and three previous brands under her belt — Eir, Chompas & Neve — Rhonda is not a take “no” for an answer kind of gal.

More than ever women are refusing to have doors slammed in their face, accept the status quo, and are looking beyond slogans and clever memes to create their own business growth. Rhonda’s success and barrier breaking mentality fits this movement.

“Women tend not to take as many risks, and their fear keeps them from starting,” Rhonda muses.

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