The world has changed in a big way. We live in an ever-evolving, digitally-enhanced, material world. It is not only science and technology that have made our lives feel hectic and always switched on, gender equality has also changed how families function. In the ferocious whirl of our daily life, it is so easy to be caught up in the labyrinth, never switching it off – and so much of what we focus on, admittedly is on the material possessions that surround us, and the material possessions that we desire.

Have people forgotten that leisure time should be meaningful too?

Will you get to the end of your life saying ‘I should have worked more?

Let’s be morbid for a moment.

Will your tombstone say ‘had a lot of friends on Facebook’ or ‘spent a hell of a lot of time on her phone’ or “rushed around a lot”.

Think about the end of your life. Now think about if you’re living a life of value. If the thought of your life lacking meaning just hit you like a ton of bricks, here are three things you can start doing today to infuse meaning back into your dreary days spent doing meaningless things, like constantly clicking the like button on Facebook.

But please by all means – like our Facebook page. In all seriousness – here’s how to shift your paradigm today. Right now.

Give Back: Want to know the best way to inspire yourself to give back something to the ‘world’?

Pick a role model. Heroines and heroes – they can give you a great perspective on living a life of meaning.

I wish everyone could be rich and famous so they could see that is not it”.

Jim Carrey

How’s that for perspective?

And ever wonder why celebrities like Jane Fonda, Angelina Jolie, and the late Princess Diana dedicate so much time of their time to causes they feel passionately about? It’s simple: it gives their lives meaning.

  • Give blood, and know you’re helping save a life
  • Volunteer your time, knowing you’re helping someone in a big way
  • Get environmentally conscious, and organize a neighborhood recycling program
  • Even a smile can change someone’s world

Gratitude: Are you ready to hear something cliche? Gratitude is an attitude. We become richer if we focus on what we have, instead of what we don’t have.

The real deal is gratitude is tough to put into practice, even with this reminder – without putting it into action.

  • Start with a weekly journal – jot down ten things you’re thankful for
  • Turn it into a daily habit and jot down ten things you’re thankful for

Writing it on paper helps to transmute your thoughts into your subconscious. Yes, this really works.

Having Fun: Be playful like a child. Having fun comes so effortless to them; have we forgotten how to have fun?

  • Just because as adults we have more responsibility, does not mean we have to have less fun.
  • Cut on social media networking. Laughing with a friend in REAL life will give you that special feeling inside you’re searching for.
  • Go to the movies – load up on the popcorn and candy and most important, do it with a friend or lover
  • Network! Get outside, get to know people in your neighborhood. Human connection is something we all crave and need to thrive
  • Animals – those furry, cute pets can really make us feel loved. Science says so.

Living a deep life doesn’t require money. It doesn’t require making a big purchase. Ready for another cliche saying? The best things in life are truly FREE!  

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