Regardless of your political affiliations – whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican – we can all agree that soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump brings a certain level of style and glamour to the White House. She consistently wears classic fashion pieces that exude a timeless beauty, while only incorporating a select number of current fashion trends. If you want to embrace the look of Melania Trump, consider these fashion trends inspired by her for your own wardrobe.

Knee Length Dresses


In many of her election trail appearances, Melania Trump sported a designer knee length dress. Knee length dresses can be very flattering and show off fit calves. Available in sun dresses and more formal versions, knee length dresses can be perfect for most occasions. A plain knee length dress can even be paired with different jacket styles and colors for the office to bring a more feminine edge to your work look.

Heavy Makeup


Whether wearing smoky eyes and neutral lips or dark and dramatic eye liner, Melania Trump understands the importance of solid makeup skills. A former fashion model, Melania Trump’s gorgeous makeup accents her stunning eyes. Experiment with bolder makeup to see how you can update your own look.

Colorful Heels


There aren’t many professional events to wear a brightly colored outfit. However, colorful high heels bring the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Consider wearing bright pink pumps with a classic black dress or pair a sea foam blue pair of heels with navy blue pants. These bright colored shoes will provide a fun visual contrast without becoming tacky.

Thick Belts


Melania Trump wears thick belts that cinch and draw attention to her slender waist. Fortunately, thick belts help create an hourglass appearance, even for plus-sized women or those without curves. Experiment with belts the same colors as your outfit and with contrast to see what looks best.

Neutral Colors


If Melania Trump wore a uniform, neutral colors would be the unifying theme. She often wears dresses, jackets, and blouses in cool, neutral hues such as rose, navy blue, and beige. Investing in a wardrobe full of these colors makes it easy to pair pants, blouses, jackets, and skirts in various combinations that all look great together.

Form Fitting Cuts


When you have a beautiful figure like Melania Trump, it makes sense to show it off. She often wears figure flattering and form fitting cuts that show off her slender and beautiful frame. To incorporate this into your look, buy slimmer cuts and straight legged pants that show off your figure. Consider skipping the classic A-line silhouette for a flattering dress with straighter lines.

Many First Ladies are notorious for upholding a fashionable style in the White House. Jackie Kennedy brought a fashion-forward elegance and youth. Michelle Obama’s fit physique closely aligned with her focus on healthy eating and obesity prevention platforms. Melania Trump will likely show off her well known glamourous, timeless, and classic style throughout her tenure as First Lady.

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