Want to feel like a powerhouse? Then dress like the FLOTUS.


Michelle Obama – who was a powerhouse attorney before becoming First Lady of the United States – has been embraced by millions of Americans for being a role model for women, an advocate for poverty awareness, a champion for healthy eating by helping reduce childhood obesity through her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign and a fashion icon.

The Princeton University graduate and former basketball coach has an impressive roster of accolades – and while we will remember the mother of two as a woman who was a strong supporter of some of the most important issues pressing our nation, this is an ode to how she changed fashion for future First Ladies and how you can carry on her legacy not just by applying her tenacity to your own life, but by channeling energy through what you wear. Mrs. Obama – like so many others who came before her – is known for wearing beautiful pieces from top designers. If you’re looking for ways to embody her style into your own wardrobe, here are some suggestions on what to wear.

Sleeveless Dresses

Show me your guns! Michelle Obama is known for her chiseled biceps and she wasn’t afraid to show them off. The FLOTUS got a lot of flack at first for daring to bare her arms, but the fashion forward look has now become a staple in many women’s wardrobes. If you go sleeveless, remember to keep it balanced. Too much skin is never in. Don’t feel comfortable showing off your shoulders? Consider peep shoulder styles – they flatter any body type.

Fitness Clothes

Yoga pants, all day everyday. Michelle Obama is a staunch believer in fitness Her platform as the First Lady included healthy eating and preventing childhood obesity with her Let’s Move campaign in school classrooms across the country. Mrs. Obama makes us feel like it’s okay to sport sneakers at the office.

The Color Blue

Michelle Obama is often seen wearing classic black and white patterns to professional functions. However, the color blue is one of her favorites. Want to pop?  Incorporate more blue into your wardrobe. Cobalt Blue is both exotic but professional. Look for solid colored dresses made from high-quality fabrics to really stand out.

Low Heels

At 5’11, FLOTUS makes tall women feel like it’s cool to rock the heels – making low kitten heels hip. She also doesn’t shy away from flares –  making it easier to move around during high profile functions. Want to avoid stumbling? Ditch the high heels and go for the flats. FLOTUS does it too. 😉

Classic Necklaces

Want to make a statement? Drape a necklace over your outfit. From the classics like pearl necklaces to long and draping statement pieces, Mrs. Obama is known for layering several necklaces together to create a unique look. Recreating the look is simple – pair a couple necklaces in different tones like silver and gold.

Michelle Obama will forever be remembered as an intelligent woman who made a real difference – a First Lady who was loved by the American people and millions worldwide. Her fashion has inspired designers, and will continue to make a lasting impression beyond her term as FLOTUS.

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