Dr. Mona Vand is challenging conventional thinking. She’s a Vegan Pharmacist and would rather prescribe you food before drugs and she’s catching the attention big names like Russell Simmons. The Co-Founder of Def Jam Records is taking interest in her mission to empower patients to focus on holistic health before turning to prescriptions.  The Hollywood Music Producer and Businessman was part of Dr. Vand’s launch event. Her success as The Modern Pharmacist is now on the fast track after appearing on the CBS hit-show ‘The Doctors’.

When she’s not working as a Pharmacist, she’s charging steadily toward her dreams of building a brand to positively impact an industry misunderstood.

“Pharmacists are medication experts so there is definitely an emphasis on medicine, but for me that’s just one aspect of a person’s well-being,” says Dr. Vand. 

There is nothing ordinary about this Doctor. The new age pharmacist can be found snap chatting healthy recipes, posting tips on Twitter and helpful advice on Instagram

Despite her undeniable beauty, Mona is a down to earth L.A. woman who loves talking to people – online and offline.

“My goal is to educate patients on as many lifestyle and diet modifications as possible, in hopes of preventing the need for medication at all.”

Why pharmacy school if she is so passionate about holistic health? Dr. Vand says as a teen she always loved science. She chose her career path while in high school, and enrolled in a six-year doctorate program at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

“I told myself I could always change majors, but it turns out, I loved it!”

Since becoming a pharmacist and moving to the City of Angels, Dr. Vand was inspired to take on a more holistic and modern approach to health care. Her goal is to help patients understand the connection between pharmaceutical science and overall wellness.


The Modern Pharmacist incorporates every aspect of her patient’s life into the health plans she creates for them.

Here are just some of the lifestyle updates she suggests:

  • Meditation and Yoga in place of antianxiety and antidepressant medications
  • A Plant based diet in place of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs
  • Natural health and beauty remedies in place of chemical-bases treatment.

She also recommends natural beauty remedies like rose water ice cubes (yum, don’t eat them!) as a toner and coconut oil for nourishing your skin and hair.

Something else she’s unconventional about? Dr. Vand is a big believer in a plant-based diet. Mona is a Vegan.

“The key is to see how you feel after you eat certain foods. For example, if you have to take a Lactaid in order to tolerate dairy, or you feel sluggish after eating a lot of meat, your body is telling you something! It’s important to stop forcing things just because they taste good momentarily.”

Despite her passion for holistic health, Dr. Vand still believes there is a time and place for medication. She says in some cases antibiotics or medication are still the first-line of defense, and as a pharmacist sorting out antibiotics, pain medication and pills are still a part of her job.

Mona still stands by her mantra that changing your lifestyle will almost always be your first step to health and wellness.


For busy, on-the-go women Dr. Vand says staying healthy starts with three simple tactics:

  • Smart Snacking
  • Work Out in the morning (it’s proven to boost your mood)
  • Stay Hydrated (water will keep you energized throughout the day)

“Always on the go equals grabbing unhealthy food because it’s easy and quick. The key is to always carry a few healthy snacks with you so you never starve,” says Mona. 

Dr. Vand regularly shares recipes, natural beauty treatments and other helpful tips on social media and her website


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