I wake up each day with a goal in mind. A goal of how I will better myself in some way, and how I will make the world a more positive place for those around me. Those goals scare me. They scare me because that means I will be doing something every day out of my comfort zone. It sounds cliche, but the place outside of your comfort zone is where you will grow, learn, and ultimately reach your goals.

Think about these questions: What are you going to accomplish today? How are you going to appear to the world? The answers should make you feel uneasy. It should pose a challenge to you. The answer to those questions should also make you feel a sense of purpose.

EVERY single day is an opportunity to strive to be a better YOU. Perhaps it’s having a particular conversation with someone; maybe it’s running a couple miles that you’ve been avoiding; it could even be making some “me” time and reading a book you want to read! Those goals should make you feel a positive sense of fear that is even somewhat liberating, since it would be a step beyond the mundane.

It is very easy for me to coast along each day. To wake up knowing I have a routine that I’m ready to conquer. But what about everything in between? What about that sense of fear that will yield a feeling of accomplishment? What about the opportunity to grow?! Utilize that opportunity!!!!

I challenge you to think of a goal every day that is so strong it makes you afraid to approach it — but you WILL, because the goal has a purpose – the goal gives YOU meaning. Long-term goals are great, but daily goals yield the true effort of courage and reward, because it’s the decision to face that fear that will prove you are capable of reaching your goals. Find what that is. Wake up tomorrow and think to yourself “What has been weighing on me? What scares me a bit? What can I do TODAY to reach that goal?”

You are capable of great things, you just need to do them!!! Face your fear, and at the end of the day you can find yourself saying “I did it!” Then the next day? Set a new goal! Prove to yourself you are worth your effort (because you are, by the way).

So…are you ready to wake up with fear that will propel you?! What are you going to accomplish today?!

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