You’re full of hope for 2017, but you don’t really have a plan. You think you’ve read just about everything, even attended some seminars – paid for coursework, but you’re still stagnant. 

Why can’t I seem to get clients on demand?

It’s something we hear from our readers all the time.

Did you know there’s a formula to marketing and reaching your audience?

If there’s anyone who feels your struggle it’s ME! 

Hello, I’m Nineveh Madsen, the Founder of HER Magazine – a digital publication dedicated to inspiring action by creating content for women in business. 

In my former life, I was a News Anchor and Reporter for 10 years. I reported for NBC, Fox, and made appearances on CBS and HuffPost. The truth is I may have been successful as a broadcaster, but I failed miserably at marketing my publication when I fired my bosses in early 2015.

I thought I had everything figured out because I understood storytelling. It gave me a competitive edge, but I sucked at marketing.

So guess what happened?

My magazine fell flat on its face when I launched two years ago. No matter how much I was posting on social media, all I heard was crickets. Wait a minute! I thought if I just posted all day, everyday – my business would explode!?

I was getting bad advice. In all honesty, I had zero direction and I refused to get any help because of my EGO. Truthfully, I was scared I would fail. And as a result of my fears, I did. 

For years, I struggled to get any kind of traction and for people to take me seriously. This was hard, especially because I had been so successful as a News Anchor.

So what changed? I got serious about my business. I stopped playing small, and started to learn the secrets to generating traffic. 

Traffic is your pot of gold. 

Everything else is just a numbers game. If you can get your product or service in front of enough people, it’s a guarantee that a certain percentage of them will sign up.

But what would you do RIGHT NOW if you had all the traffic in the world? Is your business really ready?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Do I have a powerful brand?

– What’s my mission and message?

– Does my business have a story that will sell?

– How do I engage my potential customers?

– Do I have a system in place to follow up with them?

HER magazine is dedicated to providing you with content to help take some of the guess work out of your business. 

We will be unveiling some awesome upcoming webinars, events and coursework to help you up-level your business. 

Want in on this? Simply click here to fill out a quick application so we know if you’re qualified for our program. 

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