We have all indulged in some sort of chick flick, at one point or another.  We have been swept up off our feet with the relationships other females have with one another.  Their continued support through the thick and thin and the calm and crazy is intriguing. Female relationships are dynamic and they are unlike any other relationship out there.  Often as females, we tend to judge one another, be critical of each other, when instead we should be supporting each other.  Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity yet, or maybe you have, but female relationships are vital and necessary for your success.

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, whether you’re a stay at home mom, civil engineer, media guru, or a fierce female building their empire.  Having girlfriends in your life is a necessary thing.

Yes, I’ll admit it – this tomboy primarily had male friends in my twenties.  At the time, it worked for me.  But as I’ve settled into my thirties, my male counterparts have slowly disappeared to be replaced with female additions to my life.  Why?

Female relationships provide a unique support system.  The inimitability of a female relationship allows for the freedom of expression, almost all of the time.

But let’s digress a bit further into the business aspect of the importance of female relationships.  According to a study on Business News Daily, women are generating approximately $1.3 trillion in revenue and employing almost 7.7 million people in the United States. How are women doing this?

According to the study, the success of female run businesses are largely due to the ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships.

I’m not suggesting that female relationships are the only relationships you should seek out, but if you pair up with another female business owner, they too will understand your maternal approach in building and maintaining relationships.

The Spirit of Female Entrepreneurship

Turns out women are actually pretty good at asking for help as our approach may be a different when compared to our male counterparts.  Let me explain, when men meet one another at a business networking event they immediately kick things off with a handshake followed up with their title, what they do and a business card.  Women on the hand will greet each other with compliments and acts of that will intentionally build relationships.

Personal Connection

By starting off the bat with a personal connection, either by complimenting the other person in some shape or fashion or getting to know them as a woman (i.e. “Are you married? I hear you have children…”) is what will lay the foundation of a friendship and further collaboration.

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Societal Standards for Business Owners

Let’s face it, we still live in a male-dominated society.  I don’t like it and I’m sure you don’t either.  Maybe you can recall a time at a business meeting or networking event when you noticed how many males there were in the room versus females.  It can be nerve-wracking.  I often witness females falling victim to the need to assume male-like attitudes, meaning, adopting an attitude of aggressiveness, harshness, and being overly competitive.

It’s hard enough being a female entrepreneur when the space is dominated by males, but adopting their attitudes and demeanor at networking events does not serve the female community well.  Turns out female entrepreneurs that remained true to themselves while exemplifying confidence tend to be more successful in their business.  So while we women continue to fill up the rooms at networking events and business gatherings, let’s be sure to be of service to one another and be our genuine feminine-selves.

Opportunity Driven

Here’s the big one for me, when I am faced with a dilemma, do you know who I call?  A female.  Why?  Well for starters, we support one another and provide a moment of blowing off some steam with no judgement made, but we’re really good at finding the opportunities that lie buried deep within the dilemma.  We’re opportunists.  We look for opportunities for growth when faced with adversity.  It doesn’t matter what your current career is, a female relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship as we are continuously seeking opportunities that lie buried in situations.  So when in need, pick up that phone and call your girlfriends.


Maybe this is from our maternal instincts we all have buried inside of us; maybe it’s a strong facet to our character.  Being passionate is often referenced as being emotional when you’re a woman. I see passion and emotion completely separate.  Passion affords anyone the opportunity to explore their own pursuits of excellence, regardless of gender.  Whether it be entrepreneurial or at home, passion allows for the person to make room for improving the current situation.  When you blend two or more passionate driven females on a mission, they’re unstoppable.

Female relationships are vital to your success, not just as an entrepreneur, but in your personal life as well.  Our dynamic and complex components to our personality are what make us feminine.  The complexities can be frowned upon or can be celebrated.  I suggest we celebrate and that we celebrate with other females!  When you pair up a few females who are extremely driven, supportive and resourceful, the world can’t stop them.  Embrace your female relationships and let them carry you through to your next success.

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